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1271 films found:

Help the Blind to Help Themselves (1927) by Donna Conway King
Fens (1932) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Spring on the Farm (1933) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Sheltered Waters (1934) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Weather Forecast (1934) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Prairie Winter (1935) by Jenny Brown Gilbertson and Evelyn Spice Cherry
Calendar of the Year (1936) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
A Job in a Million (1937) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Around the Village Green (1937) by Marion Grierson and Evelyn Spice Cherry
Country Fare (1937) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Behind the Scenes (1938) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Birth of the Year (1938) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Fingers and Thumbs (1938) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Sydney Eastbound (1938) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Zoo Babies (1938) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
A Study of Spring Wild Flowers (1939) by F.R. (Budge) Crawley and Judith Crawley
By Their Own Strength (1940) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Four New Apple Dishes (1940) by Judith Crawley
New Horizons (1940) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Ottawa on the River (1941) by Judith Crawley
Who Sheds His Blood (1941) by Judith Crawley
Inside Fighting Canada (1942) by Jane Marsh
The Mask of Nippon (1942) by Margaret Palmer
Women Are Warriors (1942) by Jane Marsh
Alexis Tremblay: Habitant (1943) by Jane Marsh
Before They Are Six (1943) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Coupon Value (1943) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Eskimo Arts and Crafts (1943) by Laura Boulton
New Horizons (1943) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
New Scotland (1943) by Laura Boulton
Prince Edward Island (1943) by Margaret Perry
Proudly She Marches (1943) by Jane Marsh
The Main Dish (1943) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
The People's Bank (1943) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Ukrainian Dance (1943) by Laura Boulton
Vitamins A, B1, C and D (1943) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Windbreaks on the Prairies (1943) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Wings on Her Shoulder (1943) by Jane Marsh
Air Cadets (1944) by Jane Marsh
Arctic Hunters (1944) by Laura Boulton
Canadian Wheat Story (1944) by Beth Zinkan
Cattle Country (1944) by Beth Zinkan
Eskimo Summer (1944) by Laura Boulton
Habitant Arts and Crafts (1944) by Laura Boulton
Land of Quebec (1944) by Laura Boulton
Northwest by Air (1944) by James Beveridge and Margaret Perry
People of the Potlatch (1944) by Laura Boulton
Poland on the Prairies (1944) by Laura Boulton
Polish Dance (1944) by Laura Boulton
Totems (1944) by Laura Boulton
Craftsmen at Work (1945) by Beth Zinkan
Land for Men (1945) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Listen to the Prairies (1945) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Trappers of the Sea (1945) by Margaret Perry
Trees That Reach the Sky (1945) by Beth Zinkan
Ballot Boxes (1946) by Beth Zinkan
Farm Electrification (1946) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
School for Canadians (1946) by Barbara Rowe Gordon
Vegetable Insects (1946) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Battling 'Blue-Fins' (1947) by Margaret Perry
Spring on a Quebec Farm (1947) by Jane Marsh
Summer on a Quebec Farm (1947) by Jane Marsh
Water (1947) by Barbara Rowe Gordon
Wings of Mercy (1947) by Lawrence Cherry and Evelyn Spice Cherry
Winter on a Quebec Farm (1947) by Jane Marsh
Holiday Island (1948) by Judith Crawley
Maps We Live By (1948) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Mercy Flight (1948) by Lawrence Cherry and Evelyn Spice Cherry
Otter Trawling (1948) by Margaret Perry
Out beyond Town (1948) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
When All the People Play (1948) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Why Won't Tommy Eat? (1948) by Judith Crawley
55,000 for Breakfast (1949) by Lawrence Cherry and Evelyn Spice Cherry
Children's Concert (1949) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
He Acts His Age (1949) by Judith Crawley
Land in Trust (1949) by Lawrence Cherry and Evelyn Spice Cherry
Sight and Sound (1949) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker and Nathan Clavier
Rhythm and Percussion (1950) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
String Instruments (1950) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Woodwinds and Brass (1950) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Royal Journey (1951) by David Bairstow, Gudrun Bjerring Parker, and Roger Blais
The Terrible Twos and the Trusting Threes (1951) by Judith Crawley
Opera School (1952) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Warp and Weft (1952) by Betty Brunke
The Frustrating Fours and the Fascinating Fives (1953) by Judith Crawley
The Majority Vote (1953) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Food for Freddy (1954) by Judith Crawley
From Sociable Six to Noisy Nine (1954) by Judith Crawley
Look to the Centre (1954) by Sally MacDonald
Grounds for Fishing (1955) by Margaret Perry
Nous avons vu l'étoile (1955) by Marthe Hébert
World in a Marsh (1955) by Maureen Balfe and William H. Carrick
Camp Marie-Victorin (1956) by Dorothée Brisson
Canadian Venture (1956) by Caryl Doncaster
Operation Life Saver (1956) by Isobel Kehoe
Road to the Keltic (1956) by Margaret Perry
Seeing Is Believing (1956) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands (1956) by Betty Brunke
The Story Behind the News (1956) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Marine Highway (1957) by Margaret Perry
Zoo (1957) by Dorothée Brisson
Au printemps (1958) by Dorothée Brisson and Suzanne Caron
Le Tour du St-Laurent (1958) by Dorothée Brisson and Suzanne Caron
Opération C.P. (1958) by Dorothée Brisson and Suzanne Caron
Research for Tomorrow (1958) by Sally MacDonald
Royal Visit '59 - Central Canada (1959) by Isobel Kehoe
Royal Visit '59 - The Maritimes (1959) by Isobel Kehoe
Royal Visit '59 - West and Northwest (1959) by Isobel Kehoe
The Mine in the Valley (1959) by Quentin Brown, Richard Kilburn, and Sally MacDonald
The St. Lawrence Seaway (1959) by John Howe and Isobel Kehoe
Glooscap Country (1961) by Margaret Perry
The Servant of All (1962) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
30 minutes, Mister Plummer (1963) by Anne Claire Poirier
À l'heure de la décolonisation (1963) by Monique Fortier
Balance of Terror (1963) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
One More River (A Report on the Mood of the South Nine Years After the Supreme Court Ordered Integration with All Deliberate Speed) (1963) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
RX for Maryanne (1963) by Sally MacDonald
Three on a Match (1963) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
Every Second Car (1964) by Rex Tasker and Patricia Watson
La beauté même (1964) by Monique Fortier
Le monde va nous prendre pour des sauvages (1964) by Françoise Bujold and Jacques Godbout
Legault's Place (1964) by Suzanne Angel
Les éperlans (1964) by Dorothée Brisson
Summer in Mississippi (1964) by Beryl Fox
The Chief (1964) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
The Single Woman and The Double Standard (1964) by Beryl Fox
Les ludions (1965) by Anne Claire Poirier
The Junkie Priest (1965) by Beryl Fox
The Mills of the Gods: Viet Nam (1965) by Beryl Fox
Two Men of Montreal (1965) by Suzanne Angel, Donald Brittain, and Don Owen
The Honourable René Lévesque (1966) by Beryl Fox
The Merry-Go-Round (1966) by Tanya Ballantyne Tree
Youth: In Search of Morality (1966) by Beryl Fox
Aspects d'une discussion en groupe (1967) by Guy Beaugrand-Champagne and Raymonde Pilon
Fiberglas RP Bathrooms at Habitat (1967) by Sally MacDonald
Power in Perpetuity (1967) by Sally MacDonald
Saigon (1967) by Beryl Fox
The Invention of the Adolescent (1967) by Patricia Watson
The Things I Cannot Change (1967) by Tanya Ballantyne Tree
A Continuing Responsibility (1968) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
A View From the 21st Century (1968) by Beryl Fox
Building an Organization (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
De mère en fille (1968) by Anne Claire Poirier
Deciding to Organize (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Last Reflections on a War: Bernard Fall (1968) by Beryl Fox
McGill français (1968) by Marcel Delambre, Michel Gauthier, Pierre Hébert, Alain Laury, Luc Samson, and Lise Walser
Origami (1968) by Joan Henson
People and Power (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Standing Buffalo (1968) by Joan Henson
Through Conflict to Negotiation (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
After the Vote (1969) by Bonnie Kreps
Apollo Eleven: Quick Look (1969) by Mary Di Tursi
Bing Bang Boom (1969) by Joan Henson
Forum (1969) by Mireille Dansereau
Home Movies (1969) by Joan Fiore
Hugh Leroy (1969) by Joyce Jason
L'impôt, et tout et tout (parties I, II, III, IV) (1969) by Anne Claire Poirier
Little Burgundy (1969) by Maurice Bulbulian and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Memorial to Martin Luther King (1969) by Beryl Fox
The Harbour Bridge (1969) by Sally MacDonald and Lewis Wilson
These Are My People ... (1969) by Roy Daniels, Willie Dunn, Michael Mitchell, and Barbara Wilson
Unstructured for a Summer (1969) by Shelagh Mackenzie
VTR St-Jacques (1969) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Bucking Facts (1970) by Barbara Davies
Citizens' Medicine (1970) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
DDH-280 Propulsion System (1970) by Sally MacDonald
Fistule broncho-oesophagienne congénitale chez un adulte (1970) by Claudia Overing and Jean Roy
Girls of Mountain Street (1970) by Susan Huycke
Kilowatt plus (1970) by Aimée Danis
L'impôt, et tout et tout (révision) (1970) by Anne Claire Poirier
North with the Spring (1970) by Beryl Fox
Penticton Profile (1970) by Sandy Wilson
Up in Smoke (1970) by Barbara Davies
'I Don't Think It's Meant for Us...' (1971) by Kathleen Shannon
Christmas at Moose Factory (1971) by Alanis Obomsawin
Cinema: The Living Camera (1971) by Beryl Fox
Dance Class (1971) by Joan Henson
Improv (1971) by Joan Henson
Le genou mécanique (1971) by Claudia Overing
Le savoir-faire s'impose (1re partie) (1971) by Anne Claire Poirier
Le savoir-faire s'impose (2e partie) (1971) by Anne Claire Poirier
Rivers, Manitoba (A Position Paper) (1971) by Barbara Shaw
Three Guesses (1971) by Joan Henson
What Teacher Expects ... (The Self-fulfilling Prophecy) (1971) by Barrie McLean and Kristin Weingartner
A Film about Joyce Wieland (1972) by Judy Steed
Black Creek (1972) by Kim Ondaatje
Centaur (1972) by Susan Huycke
Formation en administration des affaires : techniques nouvelles d'animation (1972) by Thérèse Dumesnil
Gaspésie oui, j'écoute (1972) by Aimée Danis
Gore Road (1972) by Sarah Evett
He's Not the Walking Kind (1972) by Sandy Wilson
History of Manawan: Part 1 (1972) by Alanis Obomsawin
History of Manawan: Part 2 (1972) by Alanis Obomsawin and Keith Packwood
Mudflats Living (1972) by Robert Fresco and Kris Paterson
Pleasure Faire (1972) by Kris Paterson
The Bridal Shower (1972) by Sandy Wilson
The Ungrateful Land: Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine (1972) by Cynthia Scott
À qui appartient ce gage? (1973) by Marthe Blackburn, Susan Huycke, Jeanne Morazain, Francine Saïa, and Clorinda Warny
Bye Bye Blues (1973) by Joanna Moss
Cousins germains (1973) by Thérèse Dumesnil
Habitat 2000 (1973) by Beryl Fox
J'me marie, j'me marie pas (1973) by Mireille Dansereau
Jerusalem (1973) by Beryl Fox
Notre monde invisible (1973) by Claudia Overing
Pictures Out of My Life (1973) by Bozenna Heczko
Portrait of My Mother (1973) by Bonnie Kreps
Puffins, Predators and Pirates (1973) by Nancy Archibald
Ruth and Harriet: Two Women of the Peace (1973) by Barbara Greene
Some Natives of Churchill (1973) by Cynthia Scott
Souris, tu m'inquiètes (1973) by Aimée Danis
Still a Woman (1973) by Dina Lieberman
The Seventh Step to Freedom (1973) by Joanna Moss
This Is Our Post Office (1973) by Barbara Beckett
This Nuclear Age (1973) by Sally MacDonald
Travel and Leisure (1973) by Beryl Fox
We Don't Want to Lose You (1973) by Judith Eglington
Your Move (1973) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Cancer in Women (1974) by Cheryl Wright
Demain l'hiver (1974) by Thérèse Dumesnil
Extensions of the Family (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Goldwood (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
How to Fight With Your Wife (1974) by Beryl Fox
It's Not Enough (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Joie de vivre au Québec (1974) by Aimée Danis and Daniel Fournier
Les filles c'est pas pareil (1974) by Hélène Girard
Les filles du Roy (1974) by Anne Claire Poirier
Like the Trees (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Luckily I Need Little Sleep (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Man into Superman (1974) by Beryl Fox
Margaree People (1974) by Diane Beaudry
More Than Just a Pretty Picture (1974) by Gail Richter Nelson
Mothers Are People (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Patrick, Julie, Félix et tous les autres (1974) by Aimée Danis
Pour faire changement (1974) by Larry Mead and Tahani Rached
Soccer (1974) by Shelah Reljic
Take My Hand (1974) by Beryl Fox
The New Alchemists (1974) by Dorothy Todd Hénaut
The West Quarter (1974) by Joanne Johnson Jackson
They Appreciate You More (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Tiger on a Tight Leash (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Visite d'Agostino Neto (1974) by Jean-Pierre Masse and Tahani Rached
Would I Ever Like to Work (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
'... And They Lived Happily Ever After' (1975) by Anne Henderson, Irene Lilienheim Angelico, and Kathleen Shannon
Alberta Girls (1975) by Malca Gillson and Tony Ianzelo
At 99: A Portrait of Louise Tandy Murch (1975) by Deepa Mehta
Ballad to Cornwallis (1975) by Diane Beaudry
Bella Bella (1975) by Barbara Greene
C'est pas un cadeau! (1975) by Tahani Rached
Co-op Housing: Getting It Together (1975) by Laura Sky
Comptines (1975) by Manon Barbeau
Crazy Quilt (1975) by Barbara Greene
Cream Soda (1975) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
Denyse Benoît, comédienne (1975) by Luce Guilbeault
Enemy Alien (1975) by Jeanette Lerman
First Born (1975) by Joan Henson
Great Grand Mother (1975) by Lorna Rasmussen and Anne Wheeler
Kimosomiunawak, the Time of the Cree (1975) by Bob Rodgers and Gail Singer
Mountain Dance (1975) by Bonnie Kreps
Musicanada (1975) by Malca Gillson and Tony Ianzelo
My Friends Call Me Tony (1975) by Beverly Shaffer
My Name Is Susan Yee (1975) by Beverly Shaffer
New Romance (Aspects of Sexuality and Sexual Roles) (1975) by Susan Gabori and Janet Walczewski
Our Dear Sisters (1975) by Kathleen Shannon
Pen-Hi Grad (1975) by Sandy Wilson
River Rain: Gift of Passage (1975) by Gail Singer
Scoggie (1975) by Cynthia Scott
Tax: The Outcome of Income (1975) by Veronika Soul
The Appointment (1975) by M.B. Chaimson and Rita Schaffer
The Family: Lifestyles of the Future (1975) by Beryl Fox
The Visible Woman (1975) by Beryl Fox
The Working Class on Film (1975) by Susan Schouten
Une bien belle ville (1975) by Francine Allaire, Jeannine Gagné, Sylvie Groulx, and Michel Lamothe
A Working Chance (1976) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Augusta (1976) by Anne Wheeler
By Guess and By God (1976) by Gail Richter Nelson
Indira Gandhi: The State of India (1976) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
Leur crise, on la paye pas (1976) by Tahani Rached
Listen Listen Listen (1976) by Barbara Greene
Maud Lewis: A World Without Shadows (1976) by Diane Beaudry
Minimum Charge No Cover (1976) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
Shakti (1976) by Monique Crouillère
The Funks (1976) by Nancy Archibald
The Other World (1976) by Claudia Overing
Threads (1976) by Anne Henderson and Donald Winkler
Ti-Dré (1976) by Annick de Bellefeuille
Amisk (1977) by Alanis Obomsawin
Beautiful Lennard Island (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
C'est l'nom d'la game (1977) by Sylvie Van Brabant
Canada Vignettes: Fashion Designer (1977) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: Physiotherapist (1977) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: Veterinarian (1977) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Famille et variations (1977) by Mireille Dansereau
Growing up at Paradise (1977) by Sandy Wilson
Gurdeep Singh Bains (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Happily Unmarried (1977) by Anne Wheeler
Harmonie (1977) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Heavy Horse Pull (1977) by Roberta King and Ronald Squire
I'll Find a Way (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Jafar's Blue Tiles (1977) by Deepa Mehta
Jason: A Season of Plenty (1977) by Gail Singer
Jill Johnston October 1975 (1977) by Kay Armatage and Lydia Wazana
Kevin Alec (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
La p'tite violence (1977) by Hélène Girard
Les oiseaux blancs de l'île d'Orléans (1977) by Diane Létourneau
Mother of Many Children (1977) by Alanis Obomsawin
Nishnawbe-Aski: the People and the Land (1977) by Phyllis Wilson
Some American Feminists (1977) by Nicole Brossard, Luce Guilbeault, and Margaret Wescott
Somebody's Kids (1977) by Katherine Stenger-Frey
Spirits of an Amber Past (1977) by Ramona MacDonald
The Lady from Grey County (1977) by Janice Brown
The Pearson Building (1977) by Rosemarie Shapley
The Vacant Lot (1977) by Judith Merritt
Thin Line (1977) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
This Film Is About Rape (1977) by Bonnie Kreps
Une nef... et ses sorcières (1977) by Hélène Roy
Veronica (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Water: The Hazardous Necessity (1977) by Tina Viljoen
What's the Weather Like Up There? (1977) by Deepa Mehta
You're Eating for Two (1977) by Malca Gillson
'round and 'round (1978) by Barbara Greene
A Day in the National Parks (1978) by Suzanne Allard
An Unremarkable Birth (1978) by Diane Beaudry
Benoît (1978) by Beverly Shaffer
Canada vignettes : la quadrille acadienne (1978) by Colette Blanchard
Canada Vignettes: Flin Flon (1978) by Tina Horne
Canada Vignettes: Men of the Deeps, Cape Breton (1978) by Sandra Dudley
Canada Vignettes: Stunt Family (1978) by Lois Siegel
Canada Vignettes: The Ballet Master (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: The Dentist (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: The Photographers (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: The Seigneury (1978) by Janice Brown
Canada Vignettes: The Violin Maker (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
D'abord ménagères (1978) by Luce Guilbeault
Development Without Tears (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Eve Lambart (1978) by Margaret Wescott
Exploding Cities (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Growing Dollars (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Keephills (1978) by Caryl Brandt
Laurent Lamerre, portier (1978) by François Bouchard, André Delorme, and Léa Pool
Le grand remue-ménage (1978) by Francine Allaire and Sylvie Groulx
Les Borges (1978) by Marilú Mallet
Les servantes du bon Dieu (1978) by Diane Létourneau
Meditation in Motion (1978) by Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Mondo Punk (1978) by Suzanne Naughton
Patricia's Moving Picture (1978) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Post Partum Depression (1978) by Margit Nance
Pretend You're Wearing a Barrel (1978) by Jan-Marie Martell
Return to Kansas City (1978) by Beryl Fox
Science Frontier (1978) by Christina McCaughey
She's a Railroader (1978) by Barbara Tranter
Some Call it Progress (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Sun, Wind and Wood (1978) by Dorothy Todd Hénaut
The Performer (1978) by Norma Bailey
À tout prix (1979) by Nicole Duchêne and Claude Lortie
Beyond the Rift Wall (1979) by Charlotte Gobeil
Canada vignettes : ma chère Albertine (1979) by Suzanne Olivier
Canada Vignettes: Helen Law (1979) by Jennifer Hodge de Silva
Canada Vignettes: McIntosh (1979) by Tina Horne
Canada Vignettes: Our Daily Bread (1979) by Joe MacDonald and Rita Roy
Canada Vignettes: The Blacksmith Shop (1979) by Joe MacDonald and Rita Roy
Canada Vignettes: The Music Makers (1979) by Malca Gillson
Canada Vignettes: The Wool Spinner (1979) by Joe MacDonald and Rita Roy
Canada Vignettes: Wild Rice Harvest Kenora (1979) by Alanis Obomsawin
Cap au nord (1979) by Jacques Pettigrew and Marie-Ève Thibault
Chasing the Eclipse (1979) by Norma Bailey and Ian Elkin
Children Enfants Niños ... (1979) by Tina Viljoen
Emigrante (1979) by Moira Simpson
Frozen Assets (1979) by Charlotte Gobeil
Harrison's Yukon (1979) by Shelah Reljic
Havakeen Lunch (1979) by Elise Swerhone
Horse Drawn Magic (1979) by Dorothy Todd Hénaut
Interview (1979) by Caroline Leaf and Veronika Soul
La tradition de l'orgue au Québec (1979) by Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol
Laugh Lines: A Profile of Kaj Pindal (1979) by Franco Battista and Bozenna Heczko
Les frères ennemis (1979) by Tahani Rached
Ming-Oi the Magician (Hong Kong) (1979) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
New Jersey Nights (1979) by Veronika Soul
No Fitting Habitat (1979) by Tina Viljoen
No Life for a Woman (1979) by Bonnie Kreps
Scenes from Paper Wheat (1979) by Rita Roy
The Right Candidate for Rosedale (1979) by Anne Henderson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
The Salvage Prince (1979) by Robert Fresco and Kris Paterson
The Unbroken Line (1979) by Diane Beaudry
Toronto's Ethnic Police Squad (1979) by Jennifer Hodge de Silva
Bush Pilot: Reflections on a Canadian Myth (1980) by Norma Bailey and Bob Lower
Canada Vignettes: Agnes Campbell MacPhail (1980) by Margaret Wescott
Canada Vignettes: June in Povungnituk - Quebec Arctic (1980) by Alanis Obomsawin
De la tourbe et du restant (1980) by Yves Angrignon, Fernand Bélanger, and Louise Dugal
Fixed in Time: A Victorian Album (1980) by Shelagh Mackenzie
Fuir (1980) by Hélène Girard
Germaine Guèvremont (1980) by Mireille Dansereau
Le frolic cé pour ayder... (1980) by Laurent Comeau, Suzanne Dussault, and Marc Paulin
Les voleurs de job (1980) by Tahani Rached
Loved, Honoured and Bruised (1980) by Gail Singer
Myself, Yourself (1980) by Jennifer Hodge de Silva
Nose and Tina (1980) by Norma Bailey
Rice Harvest (1980) by Norma Bailey and Bob Lower
Speakbody (1980) by Kay Armatage
Striptease (1980) by Kay Armatage
The Strongest Man in the World (1980) by Halya Kuchmij
The View from Vinegar Hill (1980) by Barbara Boyden
Une histoire de femmes (1980) by Sophie Bissonnette, Martin Duckworth, and Joyce Rock
Where Bittersweet Grows: Part One (1980) by Kim Ondaatje
A Moveable Feast: A Film about Breastfeeding (1981) by Gail Singer
Bix (1981) by Brigitte Berman
Breaking Through (1981) by Janine Manatis
C'est pas le pays des merveilles (1981) by Helen Doyle and Nicole Giguère
Depuis que le monde est monde (1981) by Louise Dugal, Serge Giguère, and Sylvie Van Brabant
For the Love of Dance (1981) by Michael McKennirey, Cynthia Scott, John N. Smith, and David Wilson
Julie O'Brien (1981) by Beverly Shaffer
Kate and Anna McGarrigle (1981) by Caroline Leaf
Le plus beau jour de ma vie... (1981) by Diane Létourneau
Louise Drouin, Veterinarian (1981) by Margaret Wescott
Luttes d'ici, luttes d'ailleurs (1981) by Sophie Bissonnette
Moving Mountains (1981) by Laura Sky
Not a Love Story: A Film about Pornography (1981) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Old House, New House (1981) by Barbara Willis Sweete
On est rendus devant le monde! (1981) by André A. Bélanger and Louise Nantel
On n'est pas des anges (1981) by Suzanne Guy and Guy Simoneau
P4W: Prison for Women (1981) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
Sarah Jackson (1981) by Ramona MacDonald
Shao Ping the Acrobat (China) (1981) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
Teen Mother, a Story of Coping (1981) by Janine Manatis
Un pays à comprendre (1981) by Mireille Dansereau
Yang-Xun the Peasant Painter (China) (1981) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
«Nous sommes plusieur boucoup de monde» (1981) by Manon Barbeau
'Madame, vous avez rien' (1982) by Dagmar Teufel
A War Story (1982) by Anne Wheeler
Bien naître (1982) by Diane Beaudry
If You Love This Planet (1982) by Terre Nash
It's Just Better (1982) by Beverly Shaffer
Joe David: Spirit of the Mask (1982) by Jennifer Hodge de Silva and Robert Lang
Journal inachevé (1982) by Marilú Mallet
Jubilation (1982) by Larisa Alekseychuk and Leonid Alekseychuk
La passion de danser (1982) by Diane Létourneau
Le Frère André (1982) by Mireille Dansereau
Le futur intérieur (1982) by Jean Chabot and Yolaine Rouleau
Le souffle du nord (1982) by Anik Doussau
Les mots... maux du silence (1982) by Helen Doyle
Portrait of the Artist—As an Old Lady (1982) by Gail Singer
Singlehanders (1982) by Shelagh Mackenzie and Kent Nason
Tales of Tomorrow: Our Elders (1982) by Barbara Halpern Martineau
Tous les jours, tous les jours, tous les jours... (1982) by Johanne Fournier and Nicole Giguère
Beyrouth! « À défaut d'être mort » (1983) by Tahani Rached
Cramps! (1983) by Marilyn A. Belec
Dream of a Free Country: A Message from Nicaraguan Women (1983) by Kathleen Shannon and Ginny Stikeman
Flamenco at 5:15 (1983) by Cynthia Scott
Goldeye (1983) by Norma Bailey and Ian Elkin
Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community (1983) by Jennifer Hodge de Silva and Roger McTair
Laila (1983) by Diane Beaudry
Laughter in My Soul (1983) by Halya Kuchmij
Le doux partage (1983) by Serge Giguère and Sylvie Van Brabant
Mercenaires en quête d'auteurs (1983) by Nathalie Barton, Jean-Claude Burger, and Alain d'Aix
Pas fou comme on le pense (1983) by Jacqueline Levitin
Rencontre avec une femme remarquable : Laure Gaudreault (1983) by Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol
Storytelling (1983) by Kay Armatage
The Profession of Arms (1983) by Michael Bryans and Tina Viljoen
Vies à vies (1983) by Hélène Gédalof
Abortion: Stories from North and South (1984) by Gail Singer
All of Our Lives (1984) by Laura Sky
Behind the Veil: Nuns (1984) by Margaret Wescott
Burning Bridges (1984) by Premika Ratnam
Hookers on Davie (1984) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
Incident at Restigouche (1984) by Alanis Obomsawin
It's Hard to Get It Here (1984) by Norma Bailey and Ian Elkin
J'ai toujours rêvé d'aimer ma mère (1984) by Francine Prévost
L'ordinateur en tête (1984) by Diane Beaudry
Nobody's Perfect (1984) by Ramona MacDonald
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