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Sing Me a Lullaby

Directed by Tiffany Hsiung
Canada, 2020 (documentary, 29 minutes, colour, English / Mandarin)

Film Description:
"In an act of love and determination, director Tiffany Hsiung embarks on a journey to Taipei to uncover the missing pieces of her mother's fragmented past. This documentary weaves a tender, personal story about unexpected familial healing and connection."
-- Lisa Haller (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Tiffany Hsiung
Produced by: Priscilla Galvez, Tiffany Hsiung
Cinematography: Tiffany Hsiung, Eugene Weis, Jason Lee Wong
Film Editing: Ricardo Acosta, Xi Feng
Music: Tom Third
Production Company: Golden Nugget Productions

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