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Journal inachevé

Directed by Marilú Mallet
Canada / Chile, 1982 (documentary / fiction, 48 minutes, colour / black and white, English / French / Spanish)
Also known as "Les Lettres", "Unfinished Diary"

Film Description [in French] :
"Autoportrait d'une femme, exilée et cinéaste, qui questionne son identité et le couple qu'elle formait avec un réalisateur."
-- Cinémathèque québécoise (source)

Film Description:
"In this moving docudrama, Chilean emigré Mallet struggles to make a film about her experience of profound isolation. Her English speaking husband, a prominent filmmaker, criticizes her subjective approach to filmmaking; their young son, raised in Quebec, speaks only French. Interviews with Isabel Allende and other Chilean exiles reveal a deep bond in this powerful, resonant film about language and gender, exile and immigration."
-- Women Make Movies (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Marilù Mallet
Produced by: Marilù Mallet, Dominique Pinel
Principal Cast: Marilù Mallet, Michael Rubbo, Nicolas Rubbo, Maria Luisa Segnoret, Isabel Allende
Narrator: Jean-Yves Collette, Marilù Mallet
Participants: Marilù Mallet, Michael Rubbo
Cinematography: Guy Borremans
Film Editing: Milicska Jalbert, Pascale Laverrière, Marilù Mallet
Production Company: Films de l'Atalante, Radio-Québec

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Quote by the Director [in French]

"Au départ, j'avais l'idée d'un film intimiste sur la vie quotidienne. Je ne préjugeais pas de tout ce qui pourrait arriver, m'arriver, pendant le tournage; j'avais le sentiment que le plus intense serait l'imprévu. Je voulais construire une fiction avec du documentaire -- les personnages sont des personnes réelles --, qui rejoint la fiction par la construction et le traitement : pas d'entrevues, pas de questions; un travail sur l'image et le son."
-- Marilú Mallet (source)

Quotes about Journal inachevé

"Rhythmically meditative and visually structured to underscore the intense subjectivity of the point of view (voice-over, camera presence, etc.), this often wrenching film takes a hard look at the specific difficulties experienced by women artists in exile, ranging from the misunderstanding and rejection of their work to the power imbalances characteristic of the inter- and intra-ethnocultural relationships with which they have to contend on a daily basis."
-- Elena Feder (source)

"Journal inachevé [...] articulates the personal and public, political and gender alienation in a plural, non-authoritative form which mixes direct cinema, improvised conversations, most notably and tensely with her Australian-born husband, brutal archive footage of Pinochet's putsch, and the director's voice narrating her diary."
-- Bill Marshall (source)

"Journal inachevé [...] partakes of private correspondence, an intimate journal, memories. It consists of seizing hold of and repeating a series of images summoned up by deprivation, desire, and the need to reconstruct a life still balancing between childhood and adolescence in Chile, the years of Popular Unity -- a past that is still present in Montréal, in the person and in the engravings of the mother and Chilean friends who have no visa and are harassed by immigration -- and also by the problems of present-day life: a weak marriage, a difficult child, the problematic integration into québécois society."
-- Janis L. Pallister (source)

Quote about Journal inachevé [in French]

"Dans Journal inachevé, les plans extérieurs sont larges, encore plus quand ils sont allégoriques : grandes étendues enneigées, plan éloigné d'une route qui se perd dans un décor nu, l'hiver, personnages réduits à une petite échelle dans la vastitude du paysage ou à leur seule présence dans le hors-champs. Ces plans surviennent le plus souvent dans les moments de malentendus dans le couple."
-- Denyse Therrien (source)

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