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The Honourable René Lévesque

Directed by Beryl Fox
Canada, 1966 (documentary, 25 minutes, English)

Film Description:
"Documentary portrait of René Lévesque. Film includes: bomb explosion; demonstrations in Quebec; Lévesque speech; street interviews with French and English Canadians regarding Lévesque and Quebec situation; Quebec winter carnival; Plains of Abraham; Lévesque (voice-over) talks about the Battle and history books; statues of Wolfe and Montcalm; Lévesque speech while still in Liberal Party regarding Quebec; Quebec countryside in winter; Lévesque's family house; woman's speech about Lévesque; man from his home town; Lévesque in car; CBC's Washington correspondent, James R. Minifie, (voice-over) describes Lévesque's visit to Washington (including his social life); Lévesque discussing welfare case with a woman; Lévesque in barber shop; Lévesque in his office on the phone; cartoons of Lévesque; Lévesque discussing the 'quiet revolution'; whether he is a separatist; whether conflict is good for Quebec; and whether he is a fanatic."
-- Library and Archives Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Beryl Fox, Douglas Leiterman
Cinematography: Jim Mercer
Film Editing: Don Haig

Notes about The Honourable René Lévesque


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