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The Bridal Shower

Directed by Sandy Wilson
Canada, 1971 (documentary, 22 minutes, English)

Film Description:
"The North American, premarital fertility ritual, complete with humiliations, party games and fright masks."
-- Kay Armatage, Linda Beath (source)


Notes about The Bridal Shower


Quote by the Director

"We had a script, the 'actresses' read it once and put it aside. Before we started shooting they all had a chance to get behind the camera and see what were were doing with a scene. No, I wasn't trying to be cruel with this film [The Bridal Shower]. I just wanted to show up female foolishness. At a downtown screening the middle-aged female audience loved it, identified with it. I myself have been a bridesmaid three times. God, people wouldn't believe what goes on."
-- Sandy Wilson (source)

Quotes about The Bridal Shower

"In Bridal Shower, director Sandy Wilson and her crew film the proceedings of an improvised bridal shower. The detail is perfect: the bee-hive hairdos, catty conversations, boredom and giggles, the greedy onslaught on the presents and cakes, the soft-core pornography implicit in the honeymoon jokes. Question: It's real all right, but is it fair? A memorable last shot: a Barbie Doll, with naked buttocks, stuck in a gooey heap of green and yellow cake."
-- Myrna Kostash (source)

"Bridal Shower (1971) features various sisters, relatives and friends playing out a typical small-town bridal shower, revealing it for what it is, 'a North American pre-marital fertility ritual complete with humiliations, party games and fright masks'. Wilson's satire is dominated by a rambunctious sense of fun, so that we never lose touch with the women's humanity."
-- Tony Reif (source)

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