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Help the Blind to Help Themselves

Directed by Donna Conway King
Canada, 1927? (documentary, 6 minutes, black and white)

Film Description:
"The Canadian National Institute for the Blind was founded in 1918 to assist both the soldier and the civilian handicapped by the loss of sight. This film shows us: Pearson Hall, Toronto headquarters of the Institute; Captain E.A. Baker, the General Secretary; the Men's Residence and the Women's Residence at Clarkewood; proficiency at piano tuning, leatherwork, chair caning, massage, typing, telephone operating, and news vending through CNIB assistance; and All Hope brands of craftmanship are shown at the Willow Shop, 1074 Queen Street East and the Blind Craft Shop, 10 Bloor Street East in Toronto."
-- Library and Archives Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Production Company: Ontario Motion Picture Bureau

Notes about Help the Blind to Help Themselves


Quote by the Director

"For instance, I did one film for the blind, in which I was showing the big workshop they had. They made baskets and brooms and all kinds of things like this. It was to show people why they should contribute to the blind, to the CNIB, because it was helping these people who could not help themselves. I remember it distinctly, it was before they [the Canadian National Institute for the Blind] were up on Bayview, and I would go down, look the situation over, talk to the people, talk to the people in charge and then decide what was the best way of presenting it..."
-- Donna Conway King (source)

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