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Directed by Caroline Monnet
Canada, 2016 (documentary, 10 minutes, black and white, French)

Film Description:
"Take a ride through Nothern Quebec and Labrador on Canada's first First Nations-owned railway. The Tshiuetin train line extends 132.5 miles from Emeril, Labrador to Schefferville, Quebec. The majority of passengers on the train travel regularly for work and family engagements, using the railroad because road and air transport isn't possible in the region—a unique reality that highlights the challenges faced by so many northern communities today. The Tshiuetin line is a testament to the viability of a business run by First Nations; one that combines local economic benefits with respect for the cultural and linguistic heritage of those who routinely use this service."
-- (source)

Film Description [in French] :
"Traversant le magnifique paysage de l'ouest du Labrador vers le nord-est du Québec, le Tshiuetin Rail Line est la seule ligne ferroviaire propre aux peuples indigènes."
-- (source)

Film Description:
"A trip on an Indigenous-owned train line in northern Québec, shot in exquisite black and white, becomes an eloquent symbol of the pride and dignity that come with autonomy."
-- Danis Goulet (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Daniel Watchorn
Produced by: Eric Cinq-Mars
Participants: Simon-Pierre Astair, Tshiuetin Vollant, Joe Shecanapish, Yoan Jerome, Tommy Vollant
Cinematography: Eric Cinq-Mars
Film Editing: Sophie B. Sylvestre
Music: Vince Nudo
Production Company: DESC Images Productions

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