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McLaren's Negatives

Directed by Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre
Canada, 2006 (animation / documentary, 10 minutes, colour, English)
Also known as "Les négatifs de McLaren"
Video (MJSTP Films)

Film Description:
"An intimate look at cinematographic creation, this visual essay shares with us secrets of the legendary Canadian animator Norman Mclaren and his personal view of filmmaking."
-- MJSTP Films (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre
Produced by: Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre, Sylvain Corbeil
Animation: Brigitte Archambault
Film Editing: Kara Blake
Music: Adam O'Callaghan, Dominique Côté, Tyler Mauney
Production Company: MJSTP Films
Additional Credits: Original interviews of McLaren [entrevues originales de McLaren : Steve Dale, Jorge Reyes, Anthony Kent, Magnus Isacsson, Peter Raymont

Award won by McLaren's Negatives

Quotes by the Director

"This film [McLaren's Negatives] is about ten minutes in length and it took me five years to make—from the original idea to the finished product. [...] When I started making this film, no one knew me, no one had heard of me, and I wanted to make a film about this national treasure. So it was really hard to get the funding, to convince people to give me archive rights and photos and things like that."
-- Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (source)

"To me, Norman McLaren is the greatest film animator of all time. Not only is his body of work rich and inspirational, it also shows a unique approach to filmmaking through visual and technical innovations. My fascination for this master of animation has pushed me to make a short animated documentary film as an homage to his genius."
-- Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (source)

Quote by the Director [in French]

"Selon moi, Norman McLaren est le plus grand cinéaste d'animation de tous les temps. Son oeuvre riche et diversifiée foisonne de génie et d'innovations techniques et visuelles. Cette fascination pour ce maître de l'animation m'a poussée à vouloir réaliser un court-métrage en hommage à son génie."
-- Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (source)

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