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A Job in a Million

Directed by Evelyn Spice Cherry
United Kingdom, 1937 (documentary, 16 minutes, black and white, English)

Film Description:
"The training of a post office messenger boy forms the background to this recruitment film for the GPO [General Post Office]."
-- British Film Institute (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: John Grierson
Cinematography: S.D. Onions
Film Editing: Norman Mclaren
Music: Brian Easdale
Production Company: GPO Film Unit

Quote about A Job in a Million

"A Job in a Million marked a genre shift for Evelyn Spice who, along with others at the GPO Film Unit, was drawn to the dramatised documentary form. It is the story of a young boy who succeeds through a combination of commitment, strong work ethic and the paternalistic support of the Post Office. Part recruitment film, part paean to the benevolence and rigour of the GPO's training programme, the film emphasises the serious nature of public service and the responsibilities of the postal service worker to uphold the public trust. As a social document, the film presents an intriguing portrait of the holistic nature of the GPO's approach to training, including studies, medical care, athletic programmes and other leisure activities. Of note in the film is Spice's sensitive treatment of working-class youth, not as a homogenous group, but as individuals with different abilities, personalities and needs."
-- Barbara Evans (source)

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