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After the Vote

Directed by Bonnie Kreps
Canada, 1969 (documentary, 22 minutes, black and white, English)

Film Description:
"Serious and comic picture of the effects of sex role stereotypes. Professor Ron Lambart, a Canadian psychologist, and Ti-Grace Atkinson, provide the perspective."
-- Odeon Films (source)

Film Description:
"Feminist documentary focusing on women's rights with specific reference to Canadian facts and statistics."
-- Jana Vosikovska (source)


Notes about After the Vote


Quotes about After the Vote

"Now [After the Vote] seems an astonishingly lucid document for its time, the first wedge in the closed door on women's issues in Canadian documentaries since the war."
-- Barbara Halpern Martineau (source)

"After The Vote is part and parcel of the feminist movement in Canada and raises the question of what we've gained since we got the vote: very little. We are still exploited as workers, overworked and guilted as housewives and mothers, seduced by the fraudulent appeals to our sexuality and patronized as thinkers."
-- Myrna Kostash (source)

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