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Spring on the Farm

Directed by Evelyn Spice Cherry
United Kingdom, 1933 (documentary / children's, 9 minutes, black and white, English)

Film Description:
"Life on a farm at springtime, with the arrival of new lambs, chicks and young rabbits while children play outside."
-- British Film Institute (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: John Grierson
Cinematography: A.E. Jeakins
Music: J.E.N. Cooper
Production Company: Empire Marketing Board Film Unit

Quote about Spring on the Farm

"Years before children's programming came of age, the Empire Marketing Board produced Spring on the Farm. Evelyn Spice's simply-structured educational short used a child's voice to narrate together a series of short activity-led scenes. As the title suggests, the tone is of innocent exploration. The whole film works on a 'my first educational film' basis: lambs fall over, rabbits hide in hay, pigs crowd in a sty and children play on swings. The EMB had turned to producing films for schools because the dominance of American distributors made it difficult to place its film in commercial cinemas. The success of Spice's venture led the Ministry of Agriculture to commission a sequel, Spring Comes to England, and enabled the EMB to play an influential role in a fast-growing market."
-- Scott Anthony (source)

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