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Buffalo Calling

Directed by Tasha Hubbard
Canada, 2013 (animation / documentary / experimental, 12 minutes, colour)

Film Description:
"This experimental work's absorbing animation chronicles the journey of survival of the last free herd of buffalo."
-- imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Animation: Mitchell Poundmaker

Notes about Buffalo Calling


Quote by the Director

"I wanted to make a documentary about the slaughter and recovery of the buffalo but then I started my academic work and they became my research area. While I was working on my PhD, I realized I wanted to explore a visual form of storytelling about one particular herd's survival."
-- Tasha Hubbard (source)

Quote about Buffalo Calling

"The animation by Blackfoot visual artist Mitchell Poundmaker, who is from Saskatchewan, gives the film [Buffalo Calling] a haunting quality. No words are necessary as the tragedy of the buffaloes' demise is acted out by his characters. [Tasha] Hubbard approached the Banff Centre, an organization that helps emerging artists, with her idea, and the staff there assisted. At first daunted by the magnitude of depicting this story via film, Hubbard realized that the difficulties of telling such a story through film could be overcome with animation. The center's staff used unconventional animation techniques to capitalize on Poundmaker's strengths as a visual artist."
-- Indian Country Today (source)

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