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Three on a Match

Directed by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
Canada, 1963 (documentary, 60 minutes, English)

Film Description:
"Television documentary special on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. Young teenagers and people on the street comment on why they smoke and the plausibility of links between cancer and smoking. Dr. Charles Montague Fletcher, the secretary of the committee on smoking and health for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, discusses study results linking cancer incidence with smoking and Dr. Henry Garland of San Francisco disputes the results. Film director Beryl Fox offers free cigarettes to English beach-goers and advertising executive David Lox(?) in New York City discusses the history of cigarette ad-campaigns accompanied by stills of advertisements. A crowd gathers to listen to an anti-smoking advocate in Hyde Park. [...] An on-campus cigarette company representative at New York City University discusses his duties. Tobacco industry spokesmen: Edward Wood, Jack Keyes, and Leo Laporte of the Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada; and Jack Devlin of Rothmans Pall-Mall comment on cigarette smoking and question the validity of the Royal College study. Reverend Falconberg speaks at an anti-smoking clinic in Battle Creek, Michigan and attorney James P. McConnell re-enacts events in a Pittsburgh District Court where a citizen sued a tobacco company for health impairment. Psychotherapist Dr. Albert Ellis profiles a typical cigarette smoker. Also includes footage of cigarettes rolling off the assembly line in a cigarette factory."
-- Library and Archives Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Beryl Fox, Douglas Leiterman
Narrator: Alistair Cooke
Production Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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