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Maison du bonheur

Directed by Sofia Bohdanowicz
Canada, 2017 (documentary, 62 minutes, colour, French)

Film Description:
"When asked to make a documentary about her friend's mother—a Parisian astrologer named Juliane—the filmmaker sets off for Montmartre with a Bolex to craft a portrait of an infectiously exuberant personality and the pre-war apartment she's called home for 50 years. Taking us through Juliane's carefully curated routines and rituals, Maison du bonheur is a sensitive study of how the meaning of life hides in plain sight amidst quotidian details and serves as a reminder that the way we construct our daily lives can itself be an art."
-- (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Sofia Bohdanowicz, Calvin Thomas
Participants: Juliane Sellam, Albert Eddassouki, Manouk Kurdoghlian, Claude Tougard-Lumbroso, Pierre Tougard
Cinematography: Sofia Bohdanowicz
Film Editing: Sofia Bohdanowicz
Production Company: Lisa Pictures

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