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Ce silence qui tue

Directed by Kim O'Bomsawin
Canada, 2018 (documentary, 76 minutes, colour)
Also known as "Quiet Killing"

Film Description:
"In 2014, the RCMP issued a report with a terrifying conclusion: 1181 Indigenous women had gone missing or been murdered, and estimated that in Canada, an Indigenous woman is eight times more likely to be murdered than any other citizen. And yet indifference seems pervasive. Why? What can be done? Police, judges, victims' loved ones, sex workers, activists, abuse victims: filmmaker Kim O'Bomsawin interviewed them all, everywhere in Canada, in an attempt to understand the many facets of an unacceptable reality, and maybe finally break 'the silence that kills.'"
-- Québec Cinéma (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Hélène Choquette, Kim O'Bomsawin
Produced by: Geneviève Simard-Lévesque, Michèle Rouleau
Narrator: Marie-Thérèse Fortin
Cinematography: Stéphanie Weber-Biron
Film Editing: Ève Leclair
Music: Moe Clark, Alain Auger
Production Company: Wabanok

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