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The Flying Stars

Directed by Ngardy Conteh George and Allan Tong
Canada / Sierra Leone, 2014 (documentary, 52 minutes, colour, English / Krio)

Film Description:
"During Sierra Leone's civil war, rebels amputated countless limbs. Most of the victims are orphans, outcasts in a society that refuses to face its past, locked in a struggle to escape dire poverty. For some of them, only the amputee soccer league offers a chance at a better life. But the league is not an entirely safe haven, because it too has its jealousies and internal fights. Focusing on Bornor, a star player and charismatic young man haunted by his demons, The Flying Stars documents, but does not seek to simplify, the daily challenges facing young men broken by life, trying to overcome a cruel fate."
-- Catbird Productions (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Allan Tong
Produced by: Ngardy Conteh George, Allan Tong, Katarina Soukup
Participants: Bornor Kargbo, Manior Fauour Kargbo, Samuel, Alice, Andrew, Victor Kargbo, Chernor Kamara, Mohamed “Census” Jalloh, Suleiman Jalloh, Lynn Pelton
Cinematography: Colin Akoon
Film Editing: Ngardy Conteh George, Tiffany Beaudin, Cameron Esler
Music: Kobèna Acquaah-Harrison
Production Company: Mattru Media, Catbird Productions

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