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Calendar of the Year

Directed by Evelyn Spice Cherry
United Kingdom, 1936 (documentary, 16 minutes, black and white, English)

Film Description:
"An impressionistic study of seasonal activities, showing how the Post Office is adapted to deal with them in transmission of radio and television, in the telephone service and in the collection and distribution of mail."
-- British Film Institute (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Cinematography: F. Jones, H.E. Fowle
Music: Benjamin Britten
Production Company: GPO Film Unit

Quote about Calendar of the Year

"In spite of its [Calendar of the Year's] obvious goal of extolling the virtues of the GPO, the film's greater interest for audiences today lies in its depiction of assorted facets of British life, from the spring harvesting of flowers, to a day at the racetrack, to the laying of the first coaxial cables for television. The film's seasonal format would seem to have been ideally suited to Evelyn Spice's talents, with her directorial background in such films as Spring on the Farm (1933) and the critically acclaimed Weather Forecast (1934) with its emphasis on the importance of telecommunications in the life of the nation. In fact, a number of shots in Calendar of the Year appear to have been culled from earlier films directed by Spice and others."
-- Barbara Evans (source)

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