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I Need a Man Like You to Make My Dreams Come True

Directed by Kalli Paakspuu and Daria Stermac
Canada, 1986 (documentary, 24 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"Launching a definitive attack on the male vision of women and the history of a female subservience, the contemporary perspective presented by these talented Canadian women looks at sexual politics in a late 1980s style. Travelling from one brief scenario to another in heady succession, the film presents the layers of problems that women must still confront in their quest for equality. The material skips along at an unsettling pace, meditated by either bawdy or ironic humour. As a film it happily promotes a dynamic view of love, tenderness, playfulness, fashion, sex and liberation, while readily acknowledging the need for equally dynamic, yet serious solutions."
-- Melbourne International Film Festival (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Kalli Paakspuu, Daria Stermac
Participants: Sheila Costick, Helen Porter, Janice Hladki, Johanna Householder, Louise Garfield, Ana Palma dos Santos
Cinematography: Jim Crowe
Film Editing: Cathy Culkin

Award won by I Need a Man Like You to Make My Dreams Come True

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