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L'hiver et la violence

Directed by Sophie Dupuis
Canada, 2014 (documentary, 19 minutes, colour, French)
Also known as "Heated Winter"
L'hiver et la violence
Image: © Travelling Distribution

Film Description:
"A documentary filmmaker follows a group of six young snowboarders, chronicling their powerful friendship, passion for snowboard, and their violent desire to live the present. Despite that apparent symbiosis that unites them, the life of Val, Phil, Laurence, Coco, John and Sébass takes an unexpected turn when they discover that their recklessness can't stay inconsequential."
-- Bravo Charlie Films (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Sophie Dupuis
Produced by: Raphaëlle Bilodeau, Etienne Hansez
Principal Cast: Louka Ducharme-Massé, Édouard Dupuis Beaupré, Claudel Laberge, Constance Massicotte, Alexandre Murphy Baraby, Téo Vachon Sincennes
Cinematography: Vincent Biron
Film Editing: Charles Grenier
Production Company: Bravo Charlie

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