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Directed by Joan Fiore
Canada, 1969 (documentary, 150 minutes, English)

Film Description:
"This is a documentary consisting of a portrait of a Toronto family filmed in and around its home and beach cottage. The program, based on 35,000 feet of film shot by a professional crew and prepared by the family, examines the need for togetherness, privacy and the relationship of the various family members. The family consists of film-maker Joan Fiore, her husband, Frank, a computer programmer at the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the children of Joan Fiore's first marriage; Michael, age 16; Karin Jo, age 13; and Angela, age 8."
-- Library and Archives Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Ross McLean
Cinematography: Henry Fiks
Film Editing: Tom Berner
Production Company: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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