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Directed by Nettie Wild
Canada, 1994 (documentary, 90 minutes, colour, English)
Image: © National Film Board of Canada

Film Description:
"Blockade focuses on the events that led to the December 1991 Gitksan blockade of the Hobenshield family mill in Hazelton, British Columbia—when a group of Native and non-Native protesters put their bodies between the trees and the loggers."
-- Katherine Monk (source)

Film Description:
"The wooded valleys of northern B.C. are the final bargaining chip in this feature documentary, as Blockade follows Natives and whites fighting for the clearest manifestation of self-determination: control of the land. Sometimes they are fighting the government; sometimes they are fighting each other. This is hardball, Northern style, dramatically played out in logging towns and Native villages across Canada and in boardrooms and stock markets around the world."
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Nettie Wild
Produced by: Nettie Wild, Barbara Janes, Don Haig, Christian Bruyère, Betsy Carson, Gary Marcuse
Animation: Svend-Erik Eriksen, Rubén Möller
Film Editing: Jeff Warren
Music: Roy Forbes
Production Company: Canada Wild Productions, National Film Board of Canada / Office national du film du Canada

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