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Sisters: Dream & Variations

Directed by Catherine Legault
Canada, 2019 (documentary, 85 minutes, colour, English / Icelandic)
Also known as "Soeurs : rêve et variations"

Film Description:
"Tyr and Jasa are sisters with art in their blood. Respectively a musician and a multidisciplinary artist, they are working on a project inspired by audio recordings in which their great-grandmother sings Icelandic folk songs. To dig into their roots, they fly to Iceland, where they hope to learn more about their cultural heritage. Incorporating animation and performances as well as cinéma-vérité sequences and personal archives, this first feature by editor Catherine Legault has a fantastical touch as it captures the colourful, mind-bending world of two artists whose creative process is deeply connected to their private quest."
-- Québec Cinéma (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Isabelle Phaneuf-Cyr, Catherine Legault
Cinematography: Catherine Legault
Film Editing: Catherine Legault
Music: Tyr Jami, Eric Shaw, Justin Guzzwell
Production Company: Concerto Films

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