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Bones of the Forest

Directed by Heather Frise and Velcrow Ripper
Canada, 1995 (documentary / experimental, 80 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"Velcrow Ripper and Heather Frise renew the social-issue documentary form with this avant-garde reflection on our relation to nature and the earth. Incorporating striking visual effects and often taking a satirical tone, this film, shot in British Columbia, is a lively, lyrical exploration of the tensions that have developed between 'those who were here' (the Aboriginal population) and 'those who came' (the colonists). Through the reminiscences of Native and non-Native elders, longtime environmentalists, and retired loggers, the film documents the social and environmental impact of years of colonialism and and irresponsible logging practices. The film blends black-and-white interviews with a range of cinematic techniques such as animation, semi-abstract images to the glory of nature, and news footage of deforestation and confrontations between, on the one side, ecologists and Native people, and on the other side, loggers and the police. An expressive soundtrack and caustic intertitles pull everything together. A respectful, poetic, and humourous perspective on the protagonists of an ecological disaster."
-- Library and Archives Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Velcrow Ripper
Principal Cast: Grant Ainscough, Melda Buchannan
Cinematography: Velcrow Ripper, Heather Frise
Film Editing: Velcrow Ripper, Heather Frise
Music: Einsturzende Neubauten, Jean-Luc Perron, Hardkiss
Production Company: Transparent Film

Award won by Bones of the Forest

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