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No Life for a Woman

Directed by Bonnie Kreps
Canada, 1979 (documentary, 27 minutes, colour, English)
No Life for a Woman
Photo © National Film Board of Canada

Film Description:
"This film points out the inadequacies of single-industry towns that have been built primarily around jobs and not around people. Little provision is made for organized activities outside the narrow framework of company jobs. However, in view of the depression and isolation experienced by women living in these towns, steps are being taken to improve community life. This film shows the importance of taking women's needs into account when planning such communities."
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Produced by: Bonnie Krep, Sharon McGowan, Haida Paul
Music: Richard Payne
Production Company: Serendipity Films

Quotes about No Life for a Woman

"Producer and Director Bonnie Kreps filmed [No Life for a Woman] in typical single-industry resource towns in British Columbia and her view is bleak. Houses and trailers cramp together assaulting an inhospitable landscape where winter lingers for nine months of the year. 'Remember when I married Bob and I said I'd follow him to the ends of the earth,' one wrote home to her mother. 'Well, finally, Mum, I'm here.'"
-- Judith Finlayson (source)

"Both This Film Is about Rape and No Life for a Woman are very sophisticated from a feminist perspective, and both appear deceptively simple as films. In each case the film moves from a composite picture of women's oppression and alienation, through individual expressions of awareness, to analysis of the situation and how it can be changed by collective action on the part of conscious individuals -- without the assumption that the system is either innocent or irresistible."
-- Barbara Halpern Martineau (source)

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