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Zéro tolérance

Directed by Michka Saäl
Canada, 2004 (documentary, 76 minutes, colour, French)
Zéro tolérance
Photo © National Film Board of Canada
Video (National Film Board of Canada)
Video (National Film Board of Canada) [French]

Film Description:
"Being young is tough, especially if you're Black, Latino, Arab or Asian. In a city like Montreal, you can get targeted and treated as a criminal for no good reason. Zero Tolerance reveals how deep seated prejudice can be. On one side are the city's young people, and on the other, its police force. Two worlds, two visions. Yet one of these groups is a minority, while the other wields real power. One has no voice, while the other makes life-and-death decisions. When a policy of zero tolerance to crime masks an intolerance to young people of colour, the delicate balance between order and personal freedom is upset. A blend of cinéma vérité and personal testimonies, this hard-hitting film will broaden your mind and change your way of thinking."
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Michka Saäl
Produced by: Yves Bisaillon, Johanne Bergeron
Participants: Maurice Chalom, Badr Zouine, Junior Damas, Rafaël Perez, Liuma Michelet, Tricia Henry, Yacine Belhadj, José Sermeno, Camilo Roumer, Marie-Célie Agnant, John Dalzell, Perry Calpeto, Joan Quicano, Ronald Lemus, Paulo Andrade, Stanley Thomas, Carlos Villanueva, Bruno Andrade, Manuel Morga, Alexandre Popovic, Roderick Carreon, Gladys Charmant, Fady Dagher, Florence Darius, Edouard Anglade, Robert Milord, Éric La Penna, Nourredine Elmzem, Laurent Lisio, P.L. Bouchard, Joseph Rosemond, Jean-Ernest Célestin, Jean-Pierre Auger, Estelle Landry, Luc Demers, Jean Pendelton, Amir El Alfy, Georges Lamirande
Cinematography: Sylvestre Guidi
Film Editing: Michel Giroux
Production Company: Office national du film du Canada / National Film Board of Canada

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