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356 films found:

Bucking Facts (1970) by Barbara Davies
Catuor (1970) by Judith Klein
Citizens' Medicine (1970) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
DDH-280 Propulsion System (1970) by Sally MacDonald
Fistule broncho-oesophagienne congénitale chez un adulte (1970) by Claudia Overing and Jean Roy
Girls of Mountain Street (1970) by Susan Huycke
Kilowatt plus (1970) by Aimée Danis
L'impôt, et tout et tout (révision) (1970) by Anne Claire Poirier
North with the Spring (1970) by Beryl Fox
Paradise Lost (1970) by Evelyn Lambart
Penticton Profile (1970) by Sandy Wilson
Up in Smoke (1970) by Barbara Davies
'I Don't Think It's Meant for Us...' (1971) by Kathleen Shannon
Christmas at Moose Factory (1971) by Alanis Obomsawin
Cinema: The Living Camera (1971) by Beryl Fox
Couples : étude pour un lit et une baignoire (1971) by Mireille Dansereau
Cycle (1971) by Suzanne Gervais
Dance Class (1971) by Joan Henson
Des ensembles (1971) by Suzanne Olivier
Improv (1971) by Joan Henson
Kimi (1971) by Judith Eglington
L'homme et l'enfant (1971) by Michèle Cournoyer
L'oeuf (1971) by Clorinda Warny
Le savoir-faire s'impose (1re partie) (1971) by Anne Claire Poirier
Le savoir-faire s'impose (2e partie) (1971) by Anne Claire Poirier
Les bibites de Chromagnon (1971) by Francine Desbiens
Madeleine Is... (1971) by Sylvia Spring
Multiplication 1 (1971) by Clorinda Warny
Multiplication 2 (1971) by Clorinda Warny
Multiplication 3 (1971) by Clorinda Warny
Rivers, Manitoba (A Position Paper) (1971) by Barbara Shaw
Spectrum in White (1971) by Lois Siegel
The Bridal Shower (1971) by Sandy Wilson
What Teacher Expects ... (The Self-fulfilling Prophecy) (1971) by Barrie McLean and Kristin Weingartner
Black Creek (1972) by Kim Ondaatje
Centaur (1972) by Susan Huycke
Charlie Co. (1972) by Nancy Edell
Gaspésie oui, j'écoute (1972) by Aimée Danis
Gore Road (1972) by Sarah Evett
He's Not the Walking Kind (1972) by Sandy Wilson
History of Manowan: Part 1 (1972) by Alanis Obomsawin
History of Manowan: Part 2 (1972) by Alanis Obomsawin and Keith Packwood
How the Hell Are You? (1972) by Veronika Soul
Juggling (1972) by Lisa Steele
Know Your Turtle (1972) by Lisa Steele
L'oeil (1972) by Viviane Elnécavé
La vie rêvée (1972) by Mireille Dansereau
Masks (1972) by Judith Eglington
Modulations (1972) by Judith Klein
One Hand Clapping (1972) by Joan Henson
Orfeo (1972) by Caroline Leaf
Paralysis (1972) by Ray Jurgens and Lois Siegel
Petit Bonheur (1972) by Clorinda Warny
Pierre Vallières (1972) by Joyce Wieland
Ross Street Tapes (1972) by Lisa Steele
The Journals of Susanna Moodie (1972) by Marie Waisberg
The Telephone Film (1972) by Betty Ferguson
The Ungrateful Land: Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine (1972) by Cynthia Scott
Airplane Film (1973) by Betty Ferguson
Alfredo (1973) by Michèle Cournoyer, Jacques Drouin, Denise Saulnier, and Pierre Veilleux
À qui appartient ce gage? (1973) by Marthe Blackburn, Susan Huycke, Jeanne Morazain, Francine Saïa, and Clorinda Warny
Bye Bye Blues (1973) by Joanna Moss
Cousins germains (1973) by Thérèse Dumesnil
Du coq à l'âne (1973) by Francine Desbiens, Suzanne Gervais, and Pierre Hébert
Earthworms (1973) by Lisa Steele
Ever After All (1973) by Barrie Angus McLean and Kristin Weingartner
Factories (1973) by Kim Ondaatje
Habitat 2000 (1973) by Beryl Fox
Hearts in Harmony (1973) by Judy Steed
J'me marie, j'me marie pas (1973) by Mireille Dansereau
Jerusalem (1973) by Beryl Fox
Le père idéal (1973) by Mireille Dansereau
Notre monde invisible (1973) by Claudia Overing
Pictures Out of My Life (1973) by Bozenna Heczko
Portrait of My Mother (1973) by Bonnie Kreps
Pour faire changement (1973) by Tahani Rached
Ruth and Harriet: Two Women of the Peace (1973) by Barbara Greene
Sleep / Dream / Vigil (1973) by Lisa Steele
Solidarity (1973) by Joyce Wieland
Some Natives of Churchill (1973) by Cynthia Scott
Souris, tu m'inquiètes (1973) by Aimée Danis
Sports Challenge (1973) by Judith Klein
Still a Woman (1973) by Dina Lieberman
The Seventh Step to Freedom (1973) by Joanna Moss
The Story of Christmas (1973) by Evelyn Lambart
This Is Our Post Office (1973) by Barbara Beckett
This Nuclear Age (1973) by Sally MacDonald
Travel and Leisure (1973) by Beryl Fox
We Don't Want to Lose You (1973?) by Judith Eglington
Your Move (1973) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
A Very Personal Story (1974) by Lisa Steele
Augustino Neto (1974) by Jean-Pierre Masse and Tahani Rached
Birthday Suit: With Scars and Defects (1974) by Lisa Steele
Cancer in Women (1974) by Cheryl Wright
Climats (1974) by Suzanne Gervais
Demain l'hiver (1974) by Thérèse Dumesnil
Dreamquest (1974) by Jane Elford
Extensions of the Family (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Goldwood (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Happy Birthday (1974) by Lynn Smith
Here's to You (1974) by Judith Eglington
How to Fight With Your Wife (1974) by Beryl Fox
In the Center Ring (1974) by Lynn Smith
It's Not Enough (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
It's Snow (1974) by Gayle Thomas
Joie de vivre au Québec (1974) by Aimée Danis and Daniel Fournier
Les filles c'est pas pareil (1974) by Hélène Girard
Les filles du Roy (1974) by Anne Claire Poirier
Like the Trees (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Luckily I Need Little Sleep (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Man into Superman (1974) by Beryl Fox
Margaree People (1974) by Diane Beaudry
Metric (1974) by Ellen Besen
Mothers Are People (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Mr. Frog Went A-Courting (1974) by Evelyn Lambart
Outlaws (1974) by Lisa Steele
Painting With Light (1974) by Lois Siegel
Patchwork Quilts (1974) by Kim Ondaatje
Patrick, Julie, Félix et tous les autres (1974) by Aimée Danis
Purple Hat (1974) by Lynn Smith
Rien qu'une petite chanson d'amour (1974) by Viviane Elnécavé
Soccer (1974) by Shelah Reljic
Take My Hand (1974) by Beryl Fox
Tales from the Vienna Woods (1974) by Veronika Soul
The Good Times (1974) by Barbara Sternberg
The New Alchemists (1974) by Dorothy Todd Hénaut
The Ottawa Valley (1974) by Janine Manatis
The Owl Who Married a Goose: An Eskimo Legend (1974) by Caroline Leaf
The Spring and Fall of Nina Polanski (1974) by Joan Hutton and Louise Roy
They Appreciate You More (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
Tiger on a Tight Leash (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
We (1974) by Anastasia Michailidis
Would I Ever Like to Work (1974) by Kathleen Shannon
'... And They Lived Happily Ever After' (1975) by Anne Henderson, Irene Lilienheim Angelico, and Kathleen Shannon
A Token Gesture (1975) by Micheline Lanctôt
Alberta Girls (1975) by Malca Gillson and Tony Ianzelo
At 99: A Portrait of Louise Tandy Murch (1975) by Deepa Mehta
Ballad to Cornwallis (1975) by Diane Beaudry
Bella Bella (1975) by Barbara Greene
C'est pas un cadeau (1975?) by Tahani Rached
Can You Hear Me? (1975) by Moira Simpson and Elizabeth Walker
Co-op Housing: Getting It Together (1975) by Laura Sky
Comptines (1975) by Manon Barbeau
Crazy Quilt (1975) by Barbara Greene
Cream Soda (1975) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
Denyse Benoît, comédienne (1975) by Luce Guilbeault
Enemy Alien (1975) by Jeanette Lerman
Facing South (1975) by Lisa Steele
First Born (1975) by Joan Henson
Great Grand Mother (1975) by Lorna Rasmussen and Anne Wheeler
Il n'y a pas d'oubli (1975) by Jorge Fajardo, Rodrigo Gonzalez, and Marilú Mallet
Internal Pornography (1975) by Lisa Steele
Kimosomiunawak, the Time of the Cree (1975) by Bob Rodgers and Gail Singer
Le temps de l'avant (1975) by Anne Claire Poirier
Magic Man (1975) by Jane Elford
Mountain Dance (1975) by Bonnie Kreps
Musicanada (1975) by Malca Gillson and Tony Ianzelo
My Friends Call Me Tony (1975) by Beverly Shaffer
My Name Is Susan Yee (1975) by Beverly Shaffer
New Romance (Aspects of Sexuality and Sexual Roles) (1975) by Susan Gabori and Janet Walczewski
Our Dear Sisters (1975) by Kathleen Shannon
Pen-Hi Grad (1975) by Sandy Wilson
Rappelle-toi (1975) by Vartkes Cholakian and Mireille Dansereau
River Rain: Gift of Passage (1975) by Gail Singer
Scoggie (1975) by Cynthia Scott
Tax: The Outcome of Income (1975) by Veronika Soul
The Appointment (1975) by M.B. Chaimson and Rita Schaffer
The Dance (1975) by Judith Eglington
The Family Lifestyles of the Future (1975) by Beryl Fox
The Housewife (1975) by Cathy Bennett
The Visible Woman (1975) by Beryl Fox
The Working Class on Film (1975) by Susan Schouten
Une bien belle ville (1975) by Francine Allaire, Jeannine Gagné, Sylvie Groulx, and Michel Lamothe
186,000 miles / second (1976) by Lisa Steele
A Study in Blue and Pink (1976) by Barbara Sternberg
A Working Chance (1976) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Augusta (1976) by Anne Wheeler
Boredom (1976) by Lois Siegel
By Guess and By God (1976) by Gail Richter Nelson
Faces (1976) by Lois Siegel
G's Dream (1976) by Lisa Steele
Going All the Way (1976) by Sandy Wilson
Kisses (1976) by Betty Ferguson
L'absence (1976) by Brigitte Sauriol
Lady Fishbourne's Complete Guide to Better Table Manners (1976) by Janet Perlman
Leur crise, on la paye pas (1976) by Tahani Rached
Listen Listen Listen (1976) by Barbara Greene
Lunch (1976) by Nancy Edell
Maud Lewis: A World Without Shadows (1976) by Diane Beaudry
Minimum Charge No Cover (1976) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
Raising the Gilhast Pole (1976) by Sandy Wilson
Regan's Cove (1976?) by Ramona MacDonald
Seadrift (1976) by Jane Elford
Shakti (1976) by Monique Crouillère
So Where's My Prince Already? (1976) by Ardele Lister
Spaghettata (1976) by Michèle Cournoyer and Jacques Drouin
The Ballad of Dan Peoples (1976) by Lisa Steele
The Biography of Tom Sherman (1976) by Lisa Steele
The Far Shore (1976) by Joyce Wieland
The Funks (1976) by Nancy Archibald
The Lion and the Mouse (1976) by Evelyn Lambart
The Other World (1976) by Claudia Overing
The Scientist Tapes (1976) by Lisa Steele
The Street (1976) by Caroline Leaf
Threads (1976) by Anne Henderson and Donald Winkler
Ti-Dré (1976) by Annick de Bellefeuille
Trapline (1976) by Ellie Epp
Waiting For Lancelot (1976) by Lisa Steele
Abandounée (1977) by Anna Girouard
Amisk (1977) by Alanis Obomsawin
Anastasie oh ma chérie (1977) by Paule Baillargeon
Beautiful Lennard Island (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
C'est l'nom d'la game (1977) by Sylvie Van Brabant
Canada Vignettes: Fashion Designer (1977) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: Physiotherapist (1977) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: Veterinarian (1977) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Contebleu (1977) by Yves Angrignon, Fernand Bélanger, and Louise Dugal
Dernier envol (1977) by Francine Desbiens
Famille et variations (1977) by Mireille Dansereau
Fignolage (1977) by Diane Dauphinais
Growing up at Paradise (1977) by Sandy Wilson
Gurdeep Singh Bains (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Happily Unmarried (1977) by Anne Wheeler
Harmonie (1977) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Heavy Horse Pull (1977) by Roberta King and Ronald Squire
I'll Find a Way (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Jafar's Blue Tiles (1977) by Deepa Mehta
Jason: A Season of Plenty (1977) by Gail Singer
Jill Johnston October 1975 (1977) by Kay Armatage and Lydia Wazana
Kevin Alec (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
La p'tite violence (1977) by Hélène Girard
Les oiseaux blancs de l'île d'Orléans (1977) by Diane Létourneau
Mother of Many Children (1977) by Alanis Obomsawin
Nishnawbe-Aski: the People and the Land (1977) by Phyllis Wilson
Nowhere to Run (1977) by Holly Dale
Poets on Film No. 1 (1977) by Bozenna Heczko, Elizabeth Lewis, Janet Perlman, and Gayle Thomas
Poets on Film No. 2 (1977) by Joyce Borenstein, Sheldon Cohen, Janet Perlman, and Veronika Soul
Poets on Film No. 3 (1977) by Robert Doucet and Françoise Hartmann
Some American Feminists (1977) by Nicole Brossard, Luce Guilbeault, and Margaret Wescott
Somebody's Kids (1977) by Katherine Stenger-Frey
Spirits of an Amber Past (1977) by Ramona MacDonald
Teenage Money (1977) by Sandy Wilson
The Central Character (1977) by Patricia Gruben
The Lady from Grey County (1977) by Janice Brown
The Magic Flute (1977) by Gayle Thomas
The Metamorphosis of Mr. Samsa (1977) by Caroline Leaf
The Pearson Building (1977) by Rosemarie Shapley
The Vacant Lot (1977) by Judith Merritt
Thin Line (1977) by Janis Cole and Holly Dale
This Film Is About Rape (1977) by Bonnie Kreps
Une nef... et ses sorcières (1977) by Hélène Roy
Veronica (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Water: The Hazardous Necessity (1977) by Tina Viljoen
What's the Weather Like Up There? (1977) by Deepa Mehta
You're Eating for Two (1977) by Malca Gillson
'round and 'round (1978) by Barbara Greene
A Day in the National Parks (1978) by Suzanne Allard
An Unremarkable Birth (1978) by Diane Beaudry
Benoît (1978) by Beverly Shaffer
Canada vignettes : la quadrille acadienne (1978) by Colette Blanchard
Canada Vignettes: Flin Flon (1978) by Tina Horne
Canada Vignettes: Men of the Deeps, Cape Breton (1978) by Sandra Dudley
Canada Vignettes: Stunt Family (1978) by Lois Siegel
Canada Vignettes: The Ballet Master (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: The Dentist (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: The Photographers (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
Canada Vignettes: The Seigneury (1978) by Janice Brown
Canada Vignettes: The Violin Maker (1978) by Judith Potterton and Rosemarie Shapley
D'abord ménagères (1978) by Luce Guilbeault
Development Without Tears (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Dialogue Of An Ancient Fog (1978) by Lois Siegel
Eve Lambart (1978) by Margaret Wescott
Exploding Cities (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Gertrude & Alice in Passing (1978) by Kay Armatage
Growing Dollars (1978) by Tina Viljoen
I, Maureen (1978) by Janine Manatis
Keephills (1978) by Caryl Brandt
La plage (1978) by Suzanne Gervais
Laurent Lamerre, portier (1978) by François Bouchard, André Delorme, and Léa Pool
Le grand remue-ménage (1978) by Francine Allaire and Sylvie Groulx
Les Borges (1978) by Marilú Mallet
Les servantes du bon Dieu (1978) by Diane Létourneau
Makin' Strange (1978) by Lisa Steele
Meditation in Motion (1978) by Irene Lilienheim Angelico
Mirage de la plaine (1978) by Louise Delisle
Mondo Punk (1978) by Suzanne Naughton
Night Time (1978?) by Katherine Li
Old Houses (1978) by Kim Ondaatje
Ombres de soie (1978) by Mary Stephen
Passages (1978) by Nesya Shapiro Blue
Patricia's Moving Picture (1978) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
Post Partum Depression (1978) by Margit Nance
Pretend You're Wearing a Barrel (1978) by Jan-Marie Martell
Recipe to Cook a Clown (1978) by Lois Siegel
Return to Kansas City (1978) by Beryl Fox
Science Frontier (1978) by Christina McCaughey
She's a Railroader (1978) by Barbara Tranter
Solitude (1978) by Lois Siegel
Some Call it Progress (1978) by Tina Viljoen
Special Delivery (1978) by Eunice Macaulay and John Weldon
Sun, Wind and Wood (1978) by Dorothy Todd Hénaut
Teach Me to Dance (1978) by Anne Wheeler
The Damages (1978) by Lisa Steele
The Performer (1978) by Norma Bailey
The Russels (1978) by Susan Huycke, Kenneth McCready, Mort Ransen, and Bill Reid
Toccata (1978) by Michèle Cournoyer
Un grand logement (1978) by Mario Bolduc and Marie-Ginette Guay
Why Me (1978) by Derek Lamb and Janet Perlman
Applying and Removing (1979) by Martha Davis
Arena (1979) by Lois Siegel
À tout prix (1979) by Nicole Duchêne and Claude Lortie
Bed and Sofa (1979) by Kay Armatage
Beyond the Rift Wall (1979) by Charlotte Gobeil
Canada vignettes : alouette (1979) by Michèle Pauzé
Canada vignettes : danse (1979) by Lise-Hélène Larin
Canada vignettes : delta plane (1979) by Hubert Neault and Nicole Robert
Canada vignettes : ma chère Albertine (1979) by Suzanne Olivier
Canada Vignettes: Helen Law (1979) by Jennifer Hodge de Silva
Canada Vignettes: McIntosh (1979) by Tina Horne
Canada Vignettes: Our Daily Bread (1979) by Joe MacDonald and Rita Roy
Canada Vignettes: The Blacksmith Shop (1979) by Joe MacDonald and Rita Roy
Canada Vignettes: The Music Makers (1979) by Malca Gillson
Canada Vignettes: The Wool Spinner (1979) by Joe MacDonald and Rita Roy
Canada Vignettes: Wild Rice Harvest Kenora (1979) by Alanis Obomsawin
Cap au nord (1979) by Jacques Pettigrew and Marie-Ève Thibault
Cauchemar (1979) by Françoise Daigle, Jean-Claude Filion, François Milord, and Yvan Roy
Chasing the Eclipse (1979) by Norma Bailey and Ian Elkin
Children Enfants Niños ... (1979) by Tina Viljoen
Coming Down (1979) by Sandy Wilson
Emigrante (1979) by Moira Simpson
Frozen Assets (1979) by Charlotte Gobeil
Harrison's Yukon (1979) by Shelah Reljic
Havakeen Lunch (1979) by Elise Swerhone
Horse Drawn Magic (1979) by Dorothy Todd Hénaut
Interview (1979) by Caroline Leaf and Veronika Soul
Introducing Elwy (1979) by Martha Davis
L'arrache-coeur (1979) by Mireille Dansereau
La belle apparence (1979) by Denyse Benoit
La tradition de l'orgue au Québec (1979) by Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol
Laugh Lines: A Profile of Kaj Pindal (1979) by Franco Battista and Bozenna Heczko
Les frères ennemis (1979) by Tahani Rached
Lulu's Back in Town (1979) by Lulu Keating
Ming-Oi the Magician (Hong Kong) (1979) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
Mourir à tue-tête (1979) by Anne Claire Poirier
New Jersey Nights (1979) by Veronika Soul
No Fitting Habitat (1979) by Tina Viljoen
No Life for a Woman (1979) by Bonnie Kreps
Opus 40 (1979) by Barbara Sternberg
Scenes from Paper Wheat (1979) by Rita Roy
Sea Dream (1979) by Ellen Besen
The Cuten Spielers (1979) by Barbara Sternberg
The Hometown (1979) by Bettina Maylone
The Right Candidate for Rosedale (1979) by Anne Henderson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
The Salvage Prince (1979) by Robert Fresco and Kris Paterson
The Unbroken Line (1979) by Diane Beaudry
This Is Your Museum Speaking (1979) by Lynn Smith