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Hearts in Harmony

Directed by Judy Steed
Canada, 1973 (avant-garde, 81 minutes, colour, English / French)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Judy Steed
Produced by: Judy Steed
Cinematography: Emily Steed, Garfield Smith, Scott Bidlake, Judy Steed
Film Editing: Judy Steed

Quote about Hearts in Harmony

"Many films in one, [Hearts in Harmony] uses various styles of experimental and documentary (in sequence and intercut) to present the rich, dynamic and multifaceted self-image/world view of Judy Steed, in 1973. Beginning with the reprocessed driver training film and soap opera soundtrack, the film presents a series of simultaneously disjointed and interconnected sound and image combinations, ignoring boundaries of stylistic consistency or integrity in a manner that is by turns confusing, intriguing, frustrating and delightful."
-- Joyce Mason (source)

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