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Directed by Betty Ferguson
Canada, 1976 (avant-garde, 55 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"A collage of footage from feature films, newsreels, and old television serials, a humorous study of the kiss in film."
-- WorldCat (source)


Quote about Kisses

"Just as [Joyce] Wieland often worked in fabric, intentionally collapsing the distinction between high art and women's craft, [Betty] Ferguson hand-painted and tinted each print of Kisses in order to directly touch each, likening the film to a quilt in describing the images as 'patchwork' and the tinting as 'embroidery.' In some ways an exhaustive catalogue, Kisses systematically 'lists' examples of types of kisses -- on hands, resisted kisses, aborted or interrupted kisses, baby kissing, kisses on the cheek, congratulations, kisses between manly comrades, variations on Sleeping Beauty, passion past and well, more recent, deadly kisses, debauched kisses, making out at the movies, operatic kisses, kisses on the way to the guillotine and devout oaths sworn on the good steel of pistols and swords."
-- Nancy Keefe Rhodes (source)

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