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So Where's My Prince Already?

Directed by Ardele Lister
Canada, 1976 (fiction, 20 minutes, colour, English)
Video (Ardele Lister)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Nomi Promislow, Ardele Lister
Produced by: Nomi Promislow
Narrator: Pat Barlow
Film Editing: Nomi Promislow
Music: Doug Dodd
Production Company: ReelFeelings

Quote by the Director

"In 1974 I co-founded ReelFeelings, a collective of women with various skills (none of which included filmmaking) who wanted to make films. We borrowed equipment, took workshops and taught ourselves how to make films that represented our own experiences, in this case the comic intersection between fantasies about love and marriage and what really happens."
-- Ardele Lister (source)

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