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Directed by Ellie Epp
Canada / United Kingdom, 1976 (avant-garde, 18 minutes, colour)

Film Description:
"Trapline represents a new way of considering film as a vehicle of projected movement... The film is composed entirely of static camera shots."
-- Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre' (source)


Quotes about Trapline

"Because the space within the frame contains little to hold our interest, our attention is drawn to the source of the sounds emanating from off-screen locations. By placing so much of the content of the film in the off-screen sound and by using shots of prolonged durations, Epp suggests the notion of absence that resides in photographic representation."
-- R. Bruce Elder (source)

"Several filmmakers continue to explore space and landscape on film. [...] Ellie Epp's Trapline (1975) is the most cooly beautiful of all: filmed in the Kensington baths, London, it sets a sequence of geometrically organized shots, outwardly but gently alive with light changes, ripples and reflections, within the continuous, distantly reverberant sound space of the entire building."
-- Tony Reif (source)

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