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295 films found:

Begone Dull Care (1949) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
O Canada (1952) by Evelyn Lambart
Tea in the Garden (1958) by Warren Collins and Joyce Wieland
A Salt in the Park (1959) by Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland
Lines Vertical (1960) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
Lines Horizontal (1961) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
Larry's Recent Behaviour (1963) by Joyce Wieland
Patriotism, Part I (1964) by Joyce Wieland
Peggy's Blue Skylight (1964) by Joyce Wieland
Barbara's Blindness (1965) by Betty Ferguson and Joyce Wieland
Mosaic (1965) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
Patriotism, Part II (1965) by Joyce Wieland
Water Sark (1965) by Joyce Wieland
Le zoizeau (1966) by Diane Dupuis
Wow Sark (1966) by Joyce Wieland
1933 (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Bill's Hat (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Cat Food (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Handtinting (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Père Noël U.S.A. (1967) by Lise Noiseux
Sailboat (1967) by Joyce Wieland
The Hyacinth Child's Bedtime Story (1967) by Sara Bezaire and Burton Rubenstein
Rat Life and Diet in North America (1968) by Joyce Wieland
Dripping Water (1969) by Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland
La raison avant la passion (1969) by Joyce Wieland
Cycle (1971) by Suzanne Gervais
Des ensembles (1971) by Suzanne Olivier
Spectrum in White (1971) by Lois Siegel
How the Hell Are You? (1972) by Veronika Soul
Masks (1972) by Judith Eglington
Modulations (1972) by Judith Klein
Paralysis (1972) by Ray Jurgens and Lois Siegel
Pierre Vallières (1972) by Joyce Wieland
The Telephone Film (1972) by Betty Ferguson
Airplane Film (1973) by Betty Ferguson
Factories (1973) by Kim Ondaatje
Hearts in Harmony (1973) by Judy Steed
Solidarity (1973) by Joyce Wieland
Dreamquest (1974) by Jane Elford
Painting With Light (1974) by Lois Siegel
Patchwork Quilts (1974) by Kim Ondaatje
Rien qu'une petite chanson d'amour (1974) by Viviane Elnécavé
Tales from the Vienna Woods (1974) by Veronika Soul
The Good Times (1974) by Barbara Sternberg
The West Quarter (1974) by Joanne Johnson Jackson
Can You Hear Me? (1975) by Moira Simpson and Elizabeth Walker
Magic Man (1975) by Jane Elford
A Study in Blue and Pink (1976) by Barbara Sternberg
Boredom (1976) by Lois Siegel
Faces (1976) by Lois Siegel
Kisses (1976) by Betty Ferguson
Seadrift (1976) by Jane Elford
Trapline (1976) by Ellie Epp
Growing up at Paradise (1977) by Sandy Wilson
The Central Character (1977) by Patricia Gruben
Dialogue Of An Ancient Fog (1978) by Lois Siegel
Gertrude & Alice in Passing (1978) by Kay Armatage
La plage (1978) by Suzanne Gervais
Mirage de la plaine (1978) by Louise Delisle
Old Houses (1978) by Kim Ondaatje
Solitude (1978) by Lois Siegel
Applying and Removing (1979) by Martha Davis
Arena (1979) by Lois Siegel
Bed and Sofa (1979) by Kay Armatage
Introducing Elwy (1979) by Martha Davis
New Jersey Nights (1979) by Veronika Soul
Opus 40 (1979) by Barbara Sternberg
'...The Waters Are the Beginning and the End of All Things' (1980) by Barbara Sternberg
Pixilation (1980) by Roger Cantin and Danyèle Patenaude
Speakbody (1980) by Kay Armatage
Strass Café (1980) by Léa Pool
(A) Story (1981) by Barbara Sternberg
The Bird that Chirped on Bathurst (1981) by Midi Onodera
Current (1982) by Ellie Epp
Sifted Evidence (1982) by Patricia Gruben
Spectrum Spectrum Spectrum (1982) by Karen Firus
Transitions (1982) by Barbara Sternberg
Home Was Never Like This (1983) by Midi Onodera
Idiot's Delight (1983) by Midi Onodera
Regards (1983) by Anna Gronau
Storytelling (1983) by Kay Armatage
A and B in Ontario (1984) by Hollis Frampton and Joyce Wieland
Agent of Paradise (1984) by Mary Bellis
Ville? Quelle Ville? (1984) by Midi Onodera
A Trilogy (1985) by Barbara Sternberg
Carried Away (1985) by Alan Pakarnyk and Vonnie Von Helmolt
Dead Zone (1985) by Midi Onodera
Made in Japan (1985) by Midi Onodera
Ten Cents a Dance (Parallax) (1985) by Midi Onodera
Birds at Sunrise (1986) by Joyce Wieland
Her Soil is Gold (1986) by Annette Mangaard
Nouvelle mémoire (1986) by Louise Lamarre
Notes in Origin (1987) by Ellie Epp
Où serez-vous le 31 décembre 1999? (1987) by Marie Décary
Waving (1987) by Ann Marie Fleming
Displaced View (1988) by Midi Onodera
L'atelier (1988) by Suzanne Gervais
Plastic Dreams (1988) by Lois Siegel
Mary Mary (1989) by Anna Gronau
Tending Towards the Horizontal (1989) by Barbara Sternberg
You Take Care Now (1989) by Ann Marie Fleming
At Present (1990) by Barbara Sternberg
Exposure (1990) by Michelle Mohabeer
New Shoes: An Interview in Exactly 5 Minutes (1990) by Ann Marie Fleming
Sally's Beauty Spot (1990) by Helen Lee
The Discovery of Canada (1990) by Kika Thorne
Two (1990) by Mike Hoolboom and Kika Thorne
Unknown Soldiers (1990) by Veronika Soul
A Dream of Naming (1991) by Penelope Buitenhuis
Bingo (1991) by Marjorie Beaucage
Division (1991) by Kika Thorne
Pioneers of X-Ray Technology: A Film about Grandpa (1991) by Ann Marie Fleming
The Compact (1991) by Brenda Joy Lem
Through and Through (1991) by Barbara Sternberg
A Performance by Jack Smith (1992) by Midi Onodera
Fashion (1992) by Kika Thorne
Ghost Story (1992) by Veronika Soul
Le récital (1992) by Marie Décary
My Niagara (1992) by Helen Lee
Open Letter: Grasp the Bird's Tail (1992) by Brenda Joy Lem
The Law Is in the Seed (1992) by Veronika Soul
The New Man (1992) by Ann Marie Fleming and Mike Hoolboom
The Noise (1992) by Nadine K. Rowe
Visions (1992) by Gariné Torossian
Buckingham Palace (1993) by Ann Marie Fleming
Girl from Moush (1993) by Gariné Torossian
Good Grief (1993) by Marjorie Beaucage
It Starts With a Whisper (1993) by Anna Gronau and Shelley Niro
It's Me, Again (1993) by Ann Marie Fleming
L'attente (1993) by Suzanne Gervais
Ley Lines (1993) by Patricia Gruben
My Left Cyst (1993) by Pat Barker
Queer Across Canada (1993) by Maureen Bradley
Skinned (1993) by Jennifer Abbott and David Odhiambo
Stella Signata (1993) by Roshell Bissett
Drowning in Flames (1994) by Gariné Torossian
Leftovers (1994) by Janine Fung
Skin Deep (1994) by Midi Onodera
Beating (1995) by Barbara Sternberg
Bones of the Forest (1995) by Heather Frise and Velcrow Ripper
Pleasure Film (Ahmed's Story) (1995) by Ann Marie Fleming
School (1995) by Kika Thorne
Sister (1995) by Kika Thorne
Suspicious (1995) by Kika Thorne
Automatic Writing (1996) by Ann Marie Fleming
October 25 + 26th, 1996 (1996) by Kika Thorne
One Day I Stood Still (1996) by Valerie Buhagiar
Two/Doh (1996) by Michelle Mohabeer
What Do You Fear? (1996) by Barbara Sternberg
Before It Blows (1997) by Patricia Gruben
C'est la vie (1997) by Barbara Sternberg
Child-Play (1997) by Michelle Mohabeer
It Never Happened... (1997) by Darlene Naponse
Kathy Acker in School (1997) by Kika Thorne
Midst (1997) by Barbara Sternberg
Overweight with Crooked Teeth (1997) by Shelley Niro
Passion Crucified (1997) by Gariné Torossian
Totem Talk (1997) by Annie Fraziér Henry
Black Water Creek (1998) by Darlene Naponse
Find Your Holy Self: Scenes from an Unfinished Film (1998) by Gariné Torossian
Honey Moccasin (1998) by Shelley Niro
L'amour l'amour Shut the Door Por Favor (1998) by Valerie Buhagiar
My Own Obsession (1998) by Gariné Torossian
Nine (1998) by Andrea Dorfman
Platform (1998) by Gariné Torossian
Pomegranate Tree (1998) by Gariné Torossian
The Day My Grandfather Spied on Vladimir Ashkenazy (1998) by Ann Marie Fleming
Yearbook (1998) by Kika Thorne
La casa del nonno (1999) by Lisa Sfriso
Mothers of Me (1999) by Alexandra Grimanis
Red Brick (1999) by Gariné Torossian
Sparklehorse (1999) by Gariné Torossian
Undertow (1999) by Sarah Bachinski
Work (1999) by Kika Thorne
Zyklon Portrait (1999) by Elida Schogt
Abandoned Houses on the Reservation (2000) by Darlene Naponse
Awake (2000) by Barbara Sternberg
Dust (2000) by Gariné Torossian
Hokees (2000) by Gariné Torossian
Like a Dream That Vanishes (2000) by Barbara Sternberg
The Basement Girl (2000) by Midi Onodera
The Walnut Tree (2000) by Elida Schogt
This Might Be Good (2000) by Patricia Rozema
$4 Indian (2001) by Darlene Naponse
Babies on the Sun (2001) by Gariné Torossian
Death to Everyone (2001) by Gariné Torossian
Retrace (2001) by Darlene Naponse
Silent Song (2001) by Elida Schogt
Tracing Soul (2001) by Michelle Mohabeer
Burning (2002) by Barbara Sternberg
From Billie... To Me... And Back Again (2002) by Dana Inkster
Loon Dreaming (2002) by Iriz Pääbo
Shadowy Encounters (2002) by Gariné Torossian
Skywoman with Us (2002) by Shelley Niro
Cradlesong (2003) by Darlene Naponse
Garden in Khorhom (2003) by Gariné Torossian
The Art of Autobiography (2003) by Dana Inkster
Tu Suhudinh (2003) by Helen Haig-Brown
Urda/Bone (2003) by Charles Officer and Ingrid Veninger
Waiting for the Ice to Melt (2003) by Darlene Naponse
Storing (2004) by Darlene Naponse
The Shirt (2004) by Shelley Niro
ZERO: the inside story (2004) by Elida Schogt
hiberNATION (2005) by Darlene Naponse
I Have No Memory of My Direction (2005) by Midi Onodera
Praise (2005) by Barbara Sternberg
Su Naa (2005) by Helen Haig-Brown
Suite: INDIAN (2005) by Shelley Niro
Surfacing (2005) by Barbara Sternberg
There's a Flower in My Pedal (2005) by Andrea Dorfman
A Life of Errors (2006) by Nicholas Pye and Sheila Pye
Black Men and Me (2006) by Michèle Pearson Clarke
Her Name was Violet (2006) by Elida Schogt
hysteria (2006) by Christina Battle
Memo to Pic Desk (2006) by Chris Kennedy and Anna van der Meulen
Supposed To (2006) by Aleesa Cohene
Tell Us the Truth Josephine: A Bitter Immigrant Story (2006) by Valerie Buhagiar
The Double Woman (2006) by Carla B. Guttmann
Come Around (2007) by Gariné Torossian
Cyclic Roots (2007) by Darlene Naponse
Elect the Dead (2007) by Gariné Torossian
Hunger (2007) by Shelley Niro
Once (2007) by Barbara Sternberg
rechargin' (2007) by Shelley Niro
Stone Time Touch (2007) by Gariné Torossian
Time Being I (2007) by Barbara Sternberg
Time Being II (2007) by Barbara Sternberg
Time Being III (2007) by Barbara Sternberg
Time Being IV (2007) by Barbara Sternberg
Tomorrow (2007) by Michelle Latimer
After Nature (2008) by Barbara Sternberg
Alice Eaton (2008) by Amanda Strong
Beginning and Ending (2008) by Barbara Sternberg
Blu in You (2008) by Michelle Mohabeer
Honey for Sale (2009) by Amanda Strong
The Batty Boys Revenge (2009) by Alison Duke
The Delian Mode (2009) by Kara Blake
As I Am (2010) by Nadia Myre
How to Be Alone (2010) by Andrea Dorfman
Jesus Indian (2010) by Marie Clements
Kwoni (2010) by Caroline Monnet
Small, Stupid, and Insignificant (2010) by Valerie Buhagiar
Tashina (2010) by Caroline Monnet
Warchild (2010) by Caroline Monnet
In the Nature of Things (2011) by Barbara Sternberg
Buffalo Calling (2013) by Tasha Hubbard
La fragilité du verre (2013) by Sophie Goyette
Les amazones (2013) by Diane Dupuis
Colour Theory (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
De face ou de profil (2014) by Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao
Far From (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
Le Pier (2014) by Mireille Dansereau
Love Me (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
Nooks and Crannies (2014) by Madison Thomas
Rougarou (2014) by Marjorie Beaucage
Song for Cuba (2014) by Tamara Segura
Time Being V (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
Time Being VI (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
Mobilize (2015) by Caroline Monnet
Nimmikaage (She Dances for People) (2015) by Michelle Latimer
Vole, vole tristesse (2015) by Miryam Charles
Batailles (2016) by Karen Pinette Fontaine
Creatura Dada (2016) by Caroline Monnet
Exposed Nerves (2016) by Madison Thomas
Female (2016) by Madison Thomas
Heartbreak (2016) by Nadine Valcin
Koneline: Our Land Beautiful (2016) by Nettie Wild
Message (2016) by Meky Ottawa
Mount Misery (2016) by Christene Browne
The Human Condition (2016) by Barbara Sternberg
Un matin (2016) by Karen Pinette Fontaine
Vers les colonies (2016) by Miryam Charles
Whitewash (2016) by Nadine Valcin
Emergence (2017) by Nadine Valcin
The Earth in the Sea (2017) by Barbara Sternberg
Three Thousand (2017) by Asinnajaq
Drei Atlas (2018) by Miryam Charles
Fausto (2018) by Andrea Bussmann
Une forteresse (2018) by Miryam Charles
Ataguttaluk - A Life to Live For (2019) by Carol Kunnuk
Handmade Mountain (2019) by Michèle Pearson Clarke
Marathon (2019) by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Sans objets (2019) by Moïa Jobin-Paré
Untitled #1 (sun vision) (2019) by Barbara Sternberg
Anything Is Everything (2020) by Barbara Sternberg
Black Bodies (2020) by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Ka tatishtipatakanit (2020) by Isabelle Kanapé
Tekahionwake, Pauline (2020) by Shelley Niro
Chanson pour le Nouveau Monde (2021) by Miryam Charles
Chocolate (2021) by Charlene Moore
Ste. Anne (2021) by Rhayne Vermette
C'est à qui, ce ville? (2022) by Midi Onodera
Dhulpa (2022) by Kunsang Kyirong
Stellar (2022) by Darlene Naponse
Tous les jours de mai (2023) by Miryam Charles