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A and B in Ontario

Directed by Hollis Frampton and Joyce Wieland
Canada, 1984 (experimental, 16 minutes, black and white)
A and B in Ontario
Image: © Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

Film Description:
"A & B in Ontario was completed eighteen years after the original material was shot. After [Hollis] Frampton's death, the film was assembled by [Joyce] Wieland into a cinematic dialogue in which the collaborators (in the spirit of the sixties) shoot each other with cameras."
-- Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (source)

Film Description:
"The film is a send-up of the gangster flick. Joyce and Hollis aim hand-held cameras at each other, shooting themselves and the surrounding scenery. The playful diversity of crowded, noisy, dirty New York street scenes is interposed with lyrical sequences of footprints on the Ward's Island beach, waves, birds, trees, and the sound of crickets."
-- Iris Nowell (source)


Quotes about A and B in Ontario

"In the short film A and B in Ontario, shot in 1967 and completed in 1984, [Joyce] Wieland wittily reviewed the war between the sexes (and parodied the navel-gazing insularity of the avant-garde) by turning herself and the late Hollis Frampton loose with movie cameras; they spend the entire film playing cinematic hide-and-seek with each other."
-- Jay Scott (source)

"One pleasant surprise [...] is the return of Joyce Wieland, a founding figure of the Canadian avant-garde, with a new movie, A and B in Ontario. Although Wieland gave up filmmaking after she completed The Far Shore about a decade ago, she collaborated with Hollis Frampton to make A and B, finishing it herself after his death in the spring of 1984. The film has a deceptively playful surface; basically, the two artists chasing each other around with compact Bolex cameras for 15 minutes. However, the striking compositions and Wieland's deft editing of footage dating from the sixties make A and B a fascinating meditation on that basic grammatical figure of movies, the point-of-view shot."
-- Bart Testa (source)

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