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Black Bodies

Directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Canada / United States, 2020 (experimental, 5 minutes, colour, English)
Black Bodies
Image: © levelFILM

Film Description:
"A beautifully poetic and extremely timely account of what it means to be Black in 2020, Kelly Fyffe-Marshall's powerful Black Bodies is essential viewing."
-- Lisa Haller (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Kelly Fyffe-Marshall
Produced by: Tamar Bird, Sasha Leigh Henry
Principal Cast: Komi Olaf, Donisha Prendergast
Cinematography: Jordan Oram
Additional Credits: Poetry / Poésie : Komi Olaf

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Quote by the Director

"I want allies and other racialized communities that aren't Black to come away from this film knowing that they can make changes. I hope that Black Bodies puts people in a position where they can feel the emotions of what it's like to be Black at this time and, from there, they can make ripples within their families, workplaces and communities and make sure these spaces are safe for Black and Indigenous people."
-- Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (source)

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