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Directed by Joyce Wieland
Canada, 1967 (avant-garde, 3 minutes, colour)

Film Description:
"Sailboat has the simplicity of a child's drawing. A toy-like image of a sailboat sails without interruption on the water, to the sound of roaring waves, which seems to underline the image to the point of exaggeration, somewhat in the way a child might draw a picture of water and write word sounds on it to make it as emphatic as possible. The little image is interrupted at one point by a huge shoulder appearing briefly in the left-hand corner."
-- Robert Cowan (source)


Notes about Sailboat


Quote about Sailboat

"[Joyce Wieland] directed such classics as Sailboat (1968), a minimalist, playful and profound film consisting of a series of shots of a sailboat moving across the screen with the word 'sailboat' titled across the top. In its simplicity, the film draws attention to the screen and to the perimeters of the frame. Moreover, the titles destroy any illusion of reality, underscoring the flatness of the screen."
-- Barbara Goslawski (source)

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