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Barbara's Blindness

Directed by Betty Ferguson and Joyce Wieland
Canada, 1965 (avant-garde, 16 minutes, colour / black and white)

Film Description:
"The main source of the film [Barbara's Blindness] seems to be an old grade-school morality-movie on the appreciation of eyesight, starring golden-haired Mary, who finds herself temporarily blind, and a leaden-voiced narrator, who finds himself our unwitting straight-man. The filmmakers [Joyce Wieland and Betty Ferguson] re-edited this curiosity and intercut it with other stock footage of disasters, agricultural techniques, and monster movies, to create a very different object lesson on the nature of vision."
-- B. Ruby Rich (source)


Quote about Barbara's Blindness

"While it is evident Wieland and Ferguson had fun juxtaposing footage of the original film with incongruous clips from their heterogenous collection of other found sources, they also used those clips to play a game of perception by repeatedly interrupting the original film's narrative unity and challenging its uplifting message about discovering the ordinary wonders of a springtime world."
-- William C. Wees (source)

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