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Directed by Joyce Wieland
Canada, 1967 (avant-garde, 4 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"The film offers a street scene shot in New York City in the late 1960s from a loft window on the second floor. This shot, filmed mostly in fast motion but occasionally slowed to normal speed, is repeated in its entirety 10 times and is accompanied by dissonant raucous music, evoking the silent-film-like humour in fast motion human movement."
-- University of Toronto Library Catalogue (source)


Notes about 1933


Quotes about 1933

"The repeated images are such that they appear to be different each time; to be expanding. 1933 has a machine-mechanical doll rhythmic-like structure."
-- Robert Cowan (source)

"Consider 1933—both the numeral that appears superimposed over a street scene, viewed from an upper-storey window, and the title of the film. The ambiguous reference of the numeral opens up an ironic distance: 'Was that footage shot in 1933?' we ask ourselves. Features of the imagery bring us to dismiss that conjecture. 'Is the filmmaker drawing a comparison between 1933 and 1967 (the date the film was made)?' That hypothesis receives no support from the film's structure. 'Does the supertitle have to do with some covert ordering procedure?' The film withholds its answer. [...]"
-- R. Bruce Elder (source)

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