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Birds at Sunrise

Directed by Joyce Wieland
Canada, 1986 (avant-garde, 10 minutes, colour)

Film Description:
"Birds at Sunrise, shot by Joyce Wieland in the early seventies but only recently finished, is a minimalist nature movie with a playful sensibility; it consists entirely of shots of birds taken through a camera attached to a cardboard tube."
-- Festival of Festivals (source)


Notes about Birds at Sunrise


Quote by the Director

"The film [Birds at Sunrise] was originally photographed in 1972. Birds from my window were filmed during the winter, through to the spring, with the early morning light. I became caught up in their frozen world and their ability to survive the bitter cold. I welcomed their chirps and their songs which offered life and hope for spring. In 1984 I was part of a cultural exchange between Canada and Israel. During my visit my unfinished movie came to mind. A connection was established in my mind—so that the suffering of the birds became, in a sense, symbolic of the Jews and their survival through suffering. [...]"
-- Joyce Wieland (source)

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