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96 films found:

Lines Vertical (1960) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
Glooscap Country (1961) by Margaret Perry
Lines Horizontal (1961?) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
Les réglettes mathématiques (1962) by Guy L. Coté and Jacqueline Coté
Les smarties (1962) by Guy L. Coté and Jacqueline Coté
The Servant of All (1962) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
30 minutes, Mister Plummer (1963) by Anne Claire Poirier
À l'heure de la décolonisation (1963) by Monique Fortier
Balance of Terror (1963) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
Larry's Recent Behaviour (1963) by Joyce Wieland
Nova Scotia Byways (1963) by Margaret Perry
One More River (A Report on the Mood of the South Nine Years After the Supreme Court Ordered Integration with All Deliberate Speed) (1963) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
RX for Maryanne (1963) by Sally MacDonald
Three on a Match (1963) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
Every Second Car (1964) by Patricia Burwash and Rex Tasker
La beauté même (1964) by Monique Fortier
La fin des étés (1964) by Anne Claire Poirier
Le monde va nous prendre pour des sauvages (1964) by Françoise Bujold and Jacques Godbout
Legault's Place (1964) by Suzanne Angel
Les éperlans (1964) by Dorothée Brisson
Patriotism, Part I (1964) by Joyce Wieland
Peggy's Blue Skylight (1964) by Joyce Wieland
Summer in Mississippi (1964) by Beryl Fox
The Chief (1964) by Beryl Fox and Douglas Leiterman
The Single Woman and The Double Standard (1964) by Beryl Fox
Barbara's Blindness (1965) by Betty Ferguson and Joyce Wieland
La giboulée (1965) by Diane Dupuis
Les ludions (1965) by Anne Claire Poirier
Mosaic (1965) by Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren
Patriotism, Part II (1965) by Joyce Wieland
The Junkie Priest (1965) by Beryl Fox
The Mills of the Gods: Viet Nam (1965) by Beryl Fox
Two Men of Montreal (1965) by Suzanne Angel, Donald Brittain, and Don Owen
Water Sark (1965) by Joyce Wieland
Le zoizeau (1966?) by Diane Dupuis
The Honourable René Lévesque (1966) by Beryl Fox
The Lever (1966) by Evelyn Lambart
The Merry-Go-Round (1966) by Tanya Ballantyne Tree
The Purse (1966) by Patricia Watson
The Summer We Moved to Elm Street (1966) by Patricia Watson
Wow Sark (1966) by Joyce Wieland
Youth: In Search of Morality (1966) by Beryl Fox
1933 (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Aspects d'une discussion en groupe (1967) by Guy Beaugrand-Champagne and Raymonde Pilon
Bill's Hat (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Cat Food (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Fiberglas RP Bathrooms at Habitat (1967) by Sally MacDonald
Handtinting (1967) by Joyce Wieland
Moi, un jour... (1967) by Mireille Dansereau
Père Noël U.S.A. (1967) by Lise Noiseux
Power in Perpetuity (1967) by Sally MacDonald
Saigon (1967) by Beryl Fox
Sailboat (1967) by Joyce Wieland
The Hyacinth Child's Bedtime Story (1967) by Sara Bezaire and Burton Rubenstein
The Invention of the Adolescent (1967) by Patricia Watson
The Things I Cannot Change (1967) by Tanya Ballantyne Tree
A Continuing Responsibility (1968) by Bonnie Sherr Klein
A View From the 21st Century (1968) by Beryl Fox
Building an Organization (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Compromise (1968) by Mireille Dansereau
Cosmic Zoom (1968) by Eva Szasz
De mère en fille (1968) by Anne Claire Poirier
Deciding to Organize (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Fine Feathers (1968) by Evelyn Lambart
Last Reflections on a War: Bernard Fall (1968) by Beryl Fox
McGill français (1968) by Marcel Delambre, Michel Gauthier, Pierre Hébert, Alain Laury, Luc Samson, and Lise Walser
Origami (1968) by Joan Henson
People and Power (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Rat Life and Diet in North America (1968) by Joyce Wieland
Standing Buffalo (1968) by Joan Henson
The Admittance (1968) by Patricia Watson
Through Conflict to Negotiation (1968) by Peter Pearson and Bonnie Sherr Klein
After the Vote (1969) by Bonnie Kreps
Apollo Eleven: Quick Look (1969) by Mary Di Tursi
Bing Bang Boom (1969) by Joan Henson
Black Pudding (1969) by Nancy Edell
Conditionnement (1969) by Nicole Lavallée
Dripping Water (1969) by Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland
Forum (1969) by Mireille Dansereau
Home Movies (1969) by Joan Fiore
Hugh Leroy (1969) by Joyce Jason
L'impôt, et tout et tout (parties I, II, III, IV) (1969) by Anne Claire Poirier
La raison avant la passion (1969) by Joyce Wieland
Le corbeau et le renard (1969) by Francine Desbiens, Pierre Hébert, Yves Leduc, and Michèle Pauzé
Le tombril (1969) by Chantal duPont
Little Burgundy (1969) by Maurice Bulbulian and Bonnie Sherr Klein
Little Red Riding Hood (1969) by Rhoda Leyer
Madeleine (1969) by Sylvia Spring
Memorial to Martin Luther King (1969) by Beryl Fox
Notre jeunesse en auto-sport (1969) by Viviane Elnécavé
Sand or Peter and the Wolf (1969) by Caroline Leaf
The Harbour Bridge (1969) by Sally MacDonald and Lewis Wilson
The Hoarder (1969) by Evelyn Lambart
These Are My People ... (1969) by Roy Daniels, Willie Dunn, Michael Mitchell, and Barbara Wilson
Unstructured for a Summer (1969) by Shelagh Mackenzie
VTR St-Jacques (1969) by Bonnie Sherr Klein