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Black Pudding

Directed by Nancy Edell
United Kingdom, 1969 (animation, 7 minutes, colour)

Film Description:
"Animated lithographic characters: a group of surreal beings take a startling journey through the inner recesses of an enormous nude female."
-- British Film Institute (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Nancy Edell
Produced by: George Brandt
Animation: Nancy Edell
Production Company: Bristol University Drama Department

Quote by the Director

"[At the time I made Black Pudding] I was into drawing. I'd do these big black and white in pen and ink drawings that were full of strange things. I like the idea of picking out one thing and calling the drawing by that name. If it had a double meaning that was fine. In the third scene, where the vacuum cleaner is chasing the food around, the food is coming out of this sphinx. So I was drawing all the food for that scene and I drew this little black pudding. There's something really strange about black pudding. It's a dark pudding made from flour, baking soda, eggs, and molasses. It's also another name for blood sausage or blood pudding. I'd never known about it until I moved to England, where I made the film. I was somehow impressed by black pudding. They wouldn't call it blood and guts pudding; they call it black pudding. At the time I didn't make any conscious effort to say that the sexual organs of a woman or the insides of a woman were black pudding. Women give birth to black pudding humanity. I didn't really have that in mind."
-- Nancy Edell (source)

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