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124 films found:

Juggling (1972) by Lisa Steele
Know Your Turtle (1972) by Lisa Steele
Ross Street Tapes (1972) by Lisa Steele
Earthworms (1973) by Lisa Steele
Sleep / Dream / Vigil (1973) by Lisa Steele
A Very Personal Story (1974) by Lisa Steele
Birthday Suit: With Scars and Defects (1974) by Lisa Steele
Outlaws (1974) by Lisa Steele
Facing South (1975) by Lisa Steele
Internal Pornography (1975) by Lisa Steele
The Ballad of Dan Peoples (1976) by Lisa Steele
The Biography of Tom Sherman (1976) by Lisa Steele
The Scientist Tapes (1976) by Lisa Steele
Waiting For Lancelot (1976) by Lisa Steele
Introduction to Some of the Players (1977) by Vera Frenkel
Makin' Strange (1978) by Lisa Steele
Signs of a Plot: A Text, True Story & Work of Art (1978) by Vera Frenkel
The Damages (1978) by Lisa Steele
The Cuten Spielers (1979) by Barbara Sternberg
The Secret Life of Cornelia Lumsden, Part 1: Her Room in Paris (1979) by Vera Frenkel
The Gloria Tapes (1980) by Lisa Steele
The Secret Life of Cornelia Lumsden, Part 2: '...And Now, the Truth' (a Parenthesis) (1980) by Vera Frenkel
Stories from the Front (& the Back): A True Blue Romance (1981) by Vera Frenkel
Some Call It Bad Luck (1982) by Lisa Steele
Talking Tongues (1982) by Lisa Steele
The Influences of My Mother (1982) by Sara Diamond
Heroics: A Quest (1984) by Sara Diamond
Heroics: Definitions (1984) by Sara Diamond
The Last Screening Room: A Valentine (1984) by Vera Frenkel
This Is Not a Home Movie (1984) by Lisa Steele
See Evil (1985) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
Buck (1986) by Vern Hume and Leila Sujir
Lost Art: A Cargo Cult Romance (1986) by Vera Frenkel
Vacation / Vacances (1986) by Vern Hume and Leila Sujir
Private Eyes (1987) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
The Business of Frightened Desires; Or the Making of a Pornographer (1987) by Vera Frenkel
India Hearts Beat (1988) by Leila Sujir
White Dawn (1988) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
Ten Dollars Or Nothing (1989) by Sara Diamond
Community Acts (1990) by Sara Diamond
Livewires (1990) by Paula Fairfield
The Fifties (1990) by Sara Diamond
The Forties (1990) by Sara Diamond
This Is Your Messiah Speaking (1990) by Vera Frenkel
Women Of Wood (1990) by Sara Diamond
29 / 92 (1992) by Sara Diamond
Legal Memory (1992) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
On to Ottawa (1992) by Sara Diamond
Paternity (1992) by Sara Diamond
The Transit Bar at Documenta IX, June - Sept. 1992 (1992) by Vera Frenkel
Tree Of Consumption (1993) by Dana Claxton
Body Missing (1994) by Vera Frenkel
I Want to Know Why (1994) by Dana Claxton
The Shirt (1994) by Dana Claxton
Fit to Be Tied (1995) by Sara Diamond
The Dreams of the Night Cleaners (1995) by Leila Sujir
The Red Paper (1996) by Dana Claxton
10,000 Years (1997) by Jude Norris
Buffalo Bone China (1997) by Dana Claxton
Look Honey... A Guerilla Girl! (1997) by Dana Claxton
Oh la la du narratif (1997) by Sylvie Laliberté
Past/Future (1997) by Jeannie Mah and Barbara Sternberg
The Blood Records: written and annotated (1997) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
toxic soil (1998) by Jude Norris
Holy Dog (1999) by Jude Norris
Creation (2000) by Carol Geddes
For Virginia (2000) by Barbara Sternberg
Off the 401 (2000) by Barbara Sternberg
Sleeping Car (2000) by Monique Moumblow
4 Women (2001) by Barbara Sternberg
Alpha Girls (2001) by Midi Onodera
Breaking Out of the Play (2001) by Barbara Sternberg
Nobody Knows (2001) by Midi Onodera
Slightseer (2001) by Midi Onodera
The People Dance (2001) by Dana Claxton
The Up and the Down (2001) by Kika Thorne
Untitled (2001) by Dana Claxton
We're Getting Younger All The Time (2001) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
New York Counterpoint (2002) by Barbara Sternberg
Red Buffalo Skydive (2002) by Jude Norris
Sunsets (2002) by Barbara Sternberg
(Rome) Skyling (2003) by Barbara Sternberg
10 (2003) by Dana Claxton
Glacial Slip (2003) by Rae Davis and Barbara Sternberg
Jakarta (2003) by Barbara Sternberg
Lullabye (2003) by Jude Norris
Makekway Masinakatew (2003) by Jude Norris
Practicing Death (2003) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
Tabula Rasa (2003) by Barbara Sternberg
Gun Play (2004) by Dana Claxton
In the Garden (2004) by Barbara Sternberg
Intertribal Time (2004) by Jude Norris
Platinium Farewell (2004) by Katherine Jerkovic
So What? (2004) by Barbara Sternberg
Suckerfish (2004) by Lisa Jackson
The Hill (2004) by Dana Claxton
'A Horse Called Memory' (2005) by Jude Norris
Dark (2005) by Barbara Sternberg
Anwolek Regatta City (2006) by Dana Claxton
Say It's Ok (2006) by Dana Claxton
The Art of Autobiography: Redux I (2006) by Dana Inkster
The Patient Storm (2006) by Dana Claxton
Tree (2006) by Shelley Niro
Diary of a Nomad (2007) by Jude Norris
Falling Up (2007) by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
Gunplay 2 (2007) by Dana Claxton
Hope (2007) by Dana Claxton
Original (2007) by Jude Norris
Puskwa Moostoos Waskikun (Home of the Buffalo) (2007) by Jude Norris
Bleui (2008) by Katherine Jerkovic
self-portrait in revolutions (2008) by Jude Norris
The Art of Autobiography: Redux II (2008) by Dana Inkster
Her Sugar Is? (2009) by Dana Claxton
Love, Winnipeg (2010) by Barbara Sternberg
self-portrait in alterNation between descension & ascension (2010) by Jude Norris
(Vers)ing (2011) by Sandra Gregson and Barbara Sternberg
Alaska Foe (2013) by Barbara Sternberg
He Who Dreams (2013) by Dana Claxton
Reading Thomas Bernhard (2013) by Barbara Sternberg
Snare (2013) by Lisa Jackson
The Work of Art (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
Veils (2014) by Barbara Sternberg
Niagara (2015) by Shelley Niro
Nuts (2017) by Midi Onodera