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Legal Memory

Directed by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak
Canada, 1992 (video art, 80 minutes, colour / black and white, English)

Film Description:
"In 1959, a nondescript introvert named Leo Mantha was executed in British Columbia. Convicted of murdering a young man, his lover, on a Victoria naval base, Mantha went into the books as the last man hanged in that province. [...] Steele and Tomczak bring a visual as well as a conceptual sophistication to the film, using swimming video textures and the dreamy quality of archival footage as counterpoint to the bleak facts of the narrative."
-- Festival of Festivals (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak
Produced by: Lisa Steele, Kim Tomczak
Principal Cast: Lisa Steele, Rosy Frier Dryden, Geoff Naylor, Ed Mitchell, Ruthann Tucker, Arnie Walters, Laroux Peoples, Kim Tomczak, Brad Gough
Cinematography: Julie Warren
Film Editing: Dennis Day
Music: Chip Yarlow
Production Company: Legal Memory Inc.

Notes about Legal Memory


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