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Andrea Dorfman (partial data)

Films directed by Andrea Dorfman

Quote by Andrea Dorfman

"I have no problem using the word feminist. I believe I have a different point of view and I believe the whole world is a little off balance because we see most of the world from a male perspective. I mean, look at how many male directors are out there, and look at how many women are out there. It's so disproportionate. ... That's why I was adamant to get into film through the camera department, because it was all guys."
-- Andrea Dorfman (source)

For QUOTES about a specific film by Andrea Dorfman, please see:   Parsley Days    Love That Boy   

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Parsley Days (2000)

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Love That Boy (2003)  (also known as: "Bejön ez a srác", "J'aime ce garçon")

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