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Parsley Days

Directed by Andrea Dorfman
Canada, 2000 (fiction, 76 minutes, colour, English)

Film Description:
"The quest for a soulmate, for the perfect partner, can be a lifelong search. But what happens when you decide that you are no longer in love with your perfect boyfriend, that you are not 'lifers'? With her first feature film, Andrea Dorfman has created a charming and heartfelt tale about the difficulty of falling out of love. [...] Kate wants to end her relationship and her pregnancy, and her friends try to offer support in their own quirky ways. Chloe, an herbalist, assures Kate that parsley can induce a miscarriage. So Kate embarks on her parsley days, a steady diet of parsley sandwiches, tea, snacks, and even baths. Populated by a cast of wonderful characters, Parsley Days is a touching film with a comedic twist that asserts the need for independence while recognizing that love and compassion are still possible even in the final days of a relationship."
-- Liz Czach (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Andrea Dorfman
Produced by: Andrea Dorfman, Kim Boyd
Principal Cast: Megan Dunlop, Mike Le Blanc, Marla Mac Lean, Kenneth Harrington, Marcia Connolly
Cinematography: Andrea Dorfman
Film Editing: Scott Simpson
Music: Robert Benvie, Ian McGettigan
Production Company: a.d. pictures

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Quotes about Parsley Days

"Both Parsley Days and Love That Boy were shot in Halifax. Even though the city is not named in either film, both traverse an urban landscape instantly recognizable as Haligonian to those familiar with the city. As much as Dorfman exploits Halifax's distinctive vernacular architecture to ground her characters in the everyday lived space of the Martime city, she also captures the bohemian feel of the place, with her young characters orbiting around the city's university, music, and arts scenes."
-- Andrew Burke (source)

"While most movies aimed at young adults would make you believe sex is nothing less than a breathless and sweaty moment of rousing spiritual epiphany, Parsley Days deals with the messy reality of copulation and the flipside to romantic love."
-- Katherine Monk (source)

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