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Love That Boy

Directed by Andrea Dorfman
Canada, 2003 (fiction, 89 minutes, colour, English)
Also known as "Bejön ez a srác", "J'aime ce garçon"

Film Description:
"Love That Boy is the story of Phoebe, a sophisticated and adventurous but socially inept overachiever, unrecognized in a world run by C students. Phoebe's life is totally dominated by her 'To Do Before Graduation' list. When her best friend dumps her two weeks before graduation, she points out that Phoebe's list is missing one essential thing—a boyfriend. Not wanting to be alone at graduation—the most important day of her life—Phoebe begins an ill-fated quest to find a boyfriend, with hilarious results. Then she inadvertently falls in love. The only problem is, he's 14..."
-- Telefilm Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Andrea Dorfman, Jennifer Deyell
Produced by: Jan Nathanson, Christopher Zimmer, J. William Ritchie
Principal Cast: Nadia Litz, Adrien Dixon, Nikki Barnett
Cinematography: Thomas M. Harting
Film Editing: Michael Vernon
Music: Mike O'Neill
Production Company: imX Communications

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"Both Parsley Days and Love That Boy were shot in Halifax. Even though the city is not named in either film, both traverse an urban landscape instantly recognizable as Haligonian to those familiar with the city. As much as Dorfman exploits Halifax's distinctive vernacular architecture to ground her characters in the everyday lived space of the Martime city, she also captures the bohemian feel of the place, with her young characters orbiting around the city's university, music, and arts scenes."
-- Andrew Burke (source)

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