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Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (partial data)

Countries: Canada / Jamaica / United Kingdom

Films directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall

Quotes by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall

"I think my job as a director in film and as a writer and film is to highlight the things that I want to say. I always say that film is my activism. And so I'm able to tell the stories that I want to tell. When it came to Black Bodies it was about telling the story of how Black people are treated within the world and how we have to interact in the world. And it also spoke about police violence, and racism. And so with [When Morning Comes], I'm speaking about sacrifice and immigration. And so I just try and find stories that I don't see on TV that are reflected in the way that I experience the world."
-- Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (source)

"In Canada, many production companies say they want to hire more Black people, but [say] they don't know where to find them or we don't have enough experience. I want to be the person who says [that is] garbage."
-- Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (source)

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Black Bodies (2020)

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When Morning Comes (2022)

Articles from Newspapers, Magazines, or News Websites

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