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88 films found:

Spring on the Farm (1933) by Evelyn Spice Cherry
Vitamins A, B1, C and D (1943) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Stanley Takes a Trip (1947) by Helen Mackay, Jim MacKay, and Grant Munro
Water (1947) by Barbara Rowe Gordon
The Loon's Necklace (1948) by F.R. (Budge) Crawley and Judith Crawley
Rhythm and Percussion (1950) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
String Instruments (1950) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Woodwinds and Brass (1950) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Folksong Fantasy (1951) by Alma Duncan
A Musician in the Family (1953) by Gudrun Bjerring Parker
Kumak, the Sleepy Hunter (1953) by Alma Duncan
Food for Freddy (1954) by Judith Crawley
The Lever (1966) by Evelyn Lambart
Fine Feathers (1968) by Evelyn Lambart
Le tombril (1969) by Chantal duPont
Little Red Riding Hood (1969) by Rhoda Leyer
The Hoarder (1969) by Evelyn Lambart
The Shout It Out Alphabet Film (1969) by Lynn Smith
Catuor (1970) by Judith Klein
Christmas at Moose Factory (1971) by Alanis Obomsawin
Les bibites de Chromagnon (1971) by Francine Desbiens
Multiplication 1 (1971) by Clorinda Warny
Multiplication 2 (1971) by Clorinda Warny
Multiplication 3 (1971) by Clorinda Warny
How Beaver Stole Fire (1972) by Caroline Leaf
The North Wind and the Sun: A Fable by Aesop (1972) by Les Drew and Rhoda Leyer
Happy Birthday (1974) by Lynn Smith
In the Center Ring (1974) by Lynn Smith
Purple Hat (1974) by Lynn Smith
The Story of Christmas (1974) by Evelyn Lambart
Comptines (1975) by Manon Barbeau
My Friends Call Me Tony (1975) by Beverly Shaffer
My Name Is Susan Yee (1975) by Beverly Shaffer
The Lion and the Mouse (1976) by Evelyn Lambart
Beautiful Lennard Island (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Gurdeep Singh Bains (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Jafar's Blue Tiles (1977) by Deepa Mehta
Kevin Alec (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
The Magic Flute (1977) by Gayle Thomas
Veronica (1977) by Beverly Shaffer
Benoît (1978) by Beverly Shaffer
Ming-Oi the Magician (Hong Kong) (1979) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
Sea Dream (1979) by Ellen Besen
In a Far Country (1980) by Janine Manatis
Julie O'Brien (1981) by Beverly Shaffer
Shao Ping the Acrobat (China) (1981) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
Yang-Xun the Peasant Painter (China) (1981) by Deepa Mehta and Paul Saltzman
It's Just Better (1982) by Beverly Shaffer
The Care Bears Movie (1985) by Charles Bonifacio and Arna Selznick
The Magic Quilt (1985) by Bettina Maylone
A Dog's Tale: A Mexican Parable (1986) by Caroline Leaf
The Fox and the Tiger: A Chinese Parable (1986) by Caroline Leaf
The Man Who Stole Dreams (1987) by Joyce Borenstein
Bino fabule (1988) by Robert Lombaerts, André Roussil, and Réjeanne Taillon
La double histoire d'Odile (1990) by Diane Beaudry
Terre à taire (1990) by Catherine Fol
Tamar (1991) by Beverly Shaffer
Walker (1991) by Alanis Obomsawin
Asya (1992) by Beverly Shaffer
Neveen (1992) by Beverly Shaffer
T.V. Tango (1992) by Martine Chartrand
Voir le monde (1992) by Francine Desbiens
Yacoub (1992) by Beverly Shaffer
Une artiste (1994) by Michèle Cournoyer
Yehuda (1994) by Beverly Shaffer
Le tournoi (1995) by Francine Desbiens
Dinner for Two (1996) by Janet Perlman
Gesho (1996) by Beverly Shaffer
Ibrahim (1996) by Beverly Shaffer
Le joueur de cora (1996) by Cilia Sawadogo
When the Dust Settles (1997) by Louise Johnson
Pin Pon, le film (1999) by Ghyslaine Côté
Village of Idiots (1999) by Eugene Fedorenko and Rose Newlove
Bully Dance (2000) by Janet Perlman
Christopher Changes His Name (2000) by Cilia Sawadogo
From Far Away (2000) by Shira Avni and Serene El-haj Daoud
The Blue Butterfly (2004) by Léa Pool
Jaime Lo, Small and Shy (2006) by Lillian Chan
The Sparky Book (2006) by Mary Lewis
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008) by Patricia Rozema
Big Mouth (2012) by Andrea Dorfman
La légende de Sarila (2013) by Nancy Savard
Nul poisson où aller (2014) by Nicola Lemay and Janice Nadeau
3 Bahadur (2015) by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Nelly et Simon : Mission Yéti (2018) by Pierre Greco and Nancy Savard
Tia and Piujuq (2018) by Lucy Tulugarjuk
Spirit Bear and Children Make History (2020) by Amanda Strong
Turning Red (2022) by Domee Shi