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La double histoire d'Odile

Directed by Diane Beaudry
Canada, 1990 (children's / fiction, 26 minutes, colour, French)
Also known as "Eileen's Bag"
La double histoire d'Odile
Image: © National Film Board of Canada

Film Description:
"Eileen is an eleven-year-old who hates school. She feels stupid compared to the other kids, especially in math, and a large birthmark on her arm has always made her feel different. But Eileen has a secret imaginary twin who is happy and self-assured. With the help of her parents, her teacher, and her own spirited imagination, Eileen conquers her insecurities and gains the confidence she needs. Eileen's Bag brings a message of hope to the many youngsters who feel left out and inadequate at school. Without preaching or didacticism, the film shows that children can be encouraged to feel good about themselves and ultimately realize their potential."
-- National Film Board of Canada (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Marie Cliche, Diane Beaudry
Produced by: Josée Beaudet
Principal Cast: Marie-Eve Alder, Zoé Beaudry, Denise Bernard, Danielle Dansereau, Ariane Émond, René Gagnon, Aurélie Mathews, Geneviève Quenneville, Roxanne Quenneville, Sébastien Veilleux
Cinematography: Pierre Letarte
Film Editing: Diane Beaudry
Music: Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Production Company: Office national du film du Canada / National Film Board of Canada

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