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Beryl Fox (partial data)

Country: Canada
Born: 1931

Films directed by Beryl Fox

Quotes by Beryl Fox

"I grew up in a Winnipeg slum. Rats inhabited the plumbing and the cockroaches considered themselves joint tenants. Me, I gazed at the moon and dreamed of being significant. Significance, I assumed, was public recognition, awards and honours, and zero cockroaches. Since then I've achieved a number of my girlhood dreams. For instance, I've been warned by the Pentagon that if I ever returned as a journalist to a battle zone under their control, that I could get accidentally shot by friendly fire. That's public recognition enough for me."
-- Beryl Fox (source)

"I know that what we've been told we [women] are by movies is a scam. We all know that. We have to create the opportunities to show otherwise. Nobody is going to give that opportunity. You can't do it alone. Having women partners is such a good way to go about it. This is such baloney about women not bonding. We work beautifully together."
-- Beryl Fox (source)

"Nobody would let me direct a television drama. [...] You know, after being the 'pet' of the CBC for many years, nobody would hire me because I was too old, I was 42, 43, and they had training courses for young drama directors, but I could not get in."
-- Beryl Fox (source)

"The greatest difficulty I had as a woman filmmaker was learning to take command."
-- Beryl Fox (source)

Quotes about Beryl Fox

"For years one of Canada's most innovative and politically committed documentary filmmakers, Beryl Fox made seminal contributions to the development of television current affairs in the 1960s. She joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a script assistant and researcher, and co-directed her first film in 1962. [...] Although she left the CBC in 1966, she continued to make documentaries for television throughout the seventies, until she began to produce feature fiction films for theatrical markets. Her work is consistently marked by clearly populist sympathies, commitment to social change, and strong liberal feminism."
-- Kay Armatage (source)

"Miss [Beryl] Fox is an unexpected maker of hard news documentaries. She's a neat young blonde, with only a glint in her eye, a set to her jaw, and the film on the reel to suggest she can do it."
-- Bruce Lawson (source)

"[Beryl Fox is] one of the most innovative documentary filmmakers, who made seminal contributions to the development of CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] documentary in the sixties [...]."
-- Peter Morris (source)

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One More River (A Report on the Mood of the South Nine Years After the Supreme Court Ordered Integration with All Deliberate Speed) (1963)  (also known as: "One More River)", "The Mood of the South")

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The Mills of the Gods: Viet Nam (1965)

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Youth: In Search of Morality (1966)  (also known as: "Youth")

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Saigon (1967)  (also known as: "Saigon: Portrait of a City")

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Last Reflections on a War: Bernard Fall (1968)  (also known as: "Last Reflections on a War")

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