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The Grub-Stake

Directed by Nell Shipman and Bert Van Tuyle
United States, 1922 (fiction, 117 minutes, black and white)
Also known as "The Golden Yukon", "The Romance of Lost Valley"
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Film Description:
"In The Grub-Stake, Shipman plays Faith Diggs, a beautiful young woman who supports herself and her ailing father by taking in laundry and modelling for artists. Enter the villian Leroy who agrees to back her plan to open a laundry in gold rush country. Once in the Klondike, Faith discovers Leroy's true and dastardly schemes. Faith flees with her father in a dogsled and gets hopelessly lost. A series of Shipman's trademark animal and wilderness scenes ensue before Faith is rescued in what Shipman described as a 'sockeroo finish.'"
-- Toronto International Film Festival Group (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Nell Shipman
Produced by: Nell Shipman
Principal Cast: Nell Shipman, Hugh Thompson, Alfred Allen, George Berrell, Walt Whitman, C.K. Van Auker, Ah Wing, Lillian Leighton, Marjorie Warfield, Lloyd Peters, Brownie the bear
Cinematography: Joseph B. Walker, Robert S. Newhard
Film Editing: Nell Shipman
Production Company: Nell Shipman Productions

Quote about The Grub-Stake

"In [The Grub Stake], a bear, deer, fawn, and wild porcupine are all part of the ensemble cast, and garner as much attention as the human actors. In fact, animals and actors in Shipman films usually got equal billing. It's an amazing spectacle to watch as Nell lovingly interacts with the kind of wildlife that would awe most rangers. Her deep understanding that humanity is only a single aspect of our environment was the trademark that made Shipman's pictures unlike anyone else's."
-- Ally Acker (source)

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