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Happy Place

Directed by Helen Shaver
Canada, 2020 (fiction, 103 minutes, colour, English)
Happy Place
Image: © Photon Films

Film Description:
"Happy Place explores the time that seven women spend together in an in-patient care facility: all so different, but with one thing in common—they have all attempted suicide. Samira's (Backo) attempt stems from PTSD after a violent sexual assault several years earlier, and her fellow residents have personal stories that intersect with her own—sophisticated Celine (Perron), ribald Mildred (Walsh), haughty Rosemary (Sinha), good natured Nina (Repo-Martell, reprising the role she originated on stage), and competitive Joyce (McCarthy). Trying to lead them all to healing is psychiatrist Louise (Rosling), holding the centre of this diverse and kinetic group. Some women will leave the safety of the clinic, for better or for worse, and others will stay, hopefully to heal and not to break."
-- pacific-northwest-happy-place (source)

Film Credits (partial):
Written by: Pamela Sinha
Based on: Happy Place, a play by Pamela Mala Sinha
Produced by: Elise Cousineau, Jennifer Kawaja, Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith, Julia Sereny, Mark Slone, Moe Rai
Principal Cast: Joanna Areti, Clark Backo, Jorja Cadence, Sheila McCarthy, Marie-Eve Perron, Liisa Repo-Martell, Tara Rosling, Pamela Sinha, Mary Walsh, Jennifer Wigmore
Cinematography: Jackson Parrell
Production Company: Sienna Films

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